Pikachu Shrieks Like The Sirens Of Hades

Japanese circuit bender Kaseo loves taking Pikachu toys and doing wonderful things with them. We've seen his stuff before, with the legion of singing Pokemon, but his latest work is well worth a look.

Witness the Pikatron, a handheld distortion device that's basically a guitar-looking synthesiser that uses Pikachu as a medium to channel the spirit of 80's sci-fi movie soundtracks.



    im going to be having nightmares for quite a while now

    the coolest thing I'll witness this year.

    wtf am i watching

    The dangers of confusing Pokemon with musical instruments. I mean who looks at a Pikachu and thinks to themselves, "Yeah I'd play that like a musical instrument."

      I don't think it helps much that there's a cord running straight between the pikachu's legs either.

      Must resist... making comment.. about blowing or tapping a pokemon..


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