Planet Luigi And Map Suggest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Secrets

May 23rd's Wii exclusive Super Mario Galaxy 2 has not just a release date and a trailer, but Planet Luigi, some screenshots and some bullet points worth sharing. Or is that Planet Mario? Hard to tell.

Nintendo's fact-sheet for the game indicates that:

1) "Every level is new", allaying concerns that Galaxy 2 would recycle a lot of the first Galaxy's content.

2) Mario can ride Yoshi in "some stages"

3) Yoshi can eat a Dash Pepper to run up vertical walls and Blimp Fruit to float like a balloon.

4) Mario can drill into planets.

5) "Skilled players will want to collect new Comet Metals, which will unlock harder levels with even more challenges."

6) The game supports 1-2 players, though no details yet as to whether that indicates anything more than one person playing as Mario and the other assisting with control of a helper cursor, a la the first Super Mario Galaxy.

Our man in San Francisco will have more details of the game once Nintendo's late-night press embargo for hands-on impressions lifts.


    This game looks sweet.. should be good!

    You know, I was saving up for Final Fantasy XIII, but I think I might use the money for this :)

    Uh, Stephen, i think the big 'M' on that plant's hat makes it obvious who's planet it is ;)

    That planet has a steering wheel and a smokestack.

      It's not a planet, it's a spaceship

    Well, it does have a Mario hat...

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