Plants Vs. Zombies Has Sprouted On The IPhone

Tower defence game Plants vs. Zombies was slated for the iPhone this January, but then got delayed to February. It's February now, and the game is out.

The game is packed with 50 levels in Adventure mode and includes 26 different kinds of zombies. The port features 13 achievements for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It also features a new vibration option.

Plants vs. Zombies is priced at US$2.99.


    It's the same game, portable, and cheaper. I just don't see a reason NOT to get it!

      Cos I played it for 50 hours on the PC and pretty much exhausted it :(

        Touché. However, I know a lot of people who didn't tire of it :P

    I've played the PC version to bits but I'm still loving this new portable version. It has a different feel with the touch screen :)

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