Playstation PR Heavy Rain Promo Almost Really Cool

We received some flyers in the mail today. One was about a missing boy. Another a private investigator for hire. Plus the card for an FBI agent. All seemed connected to the Origami Killer... so I called the number.

Clever promos to get us writers talking can be fun. And on this occasion a few 'real world' elements to draw us into the world of Heavy Rain was a nice idea. All with extra hints that we'll be able to help find the Origami Killer soon.

But when I rang the phone number listed, I just got the voicemail of one of the PR people. Oh noes! So close! If only they'd have laid down a cryptic, creepy, weird, kinda scary voicemail message. Maybe the killer has gotten to the number first. Maybe someone is telling us the number has been disconnected due to mysterious circumstances. Maybe... anything?

So close, yet so far.

Still, I've mentioned it. Hey, Heavy Rain. Soon. Can hardly wait.


    Well at least it's not a box of old cheeseburgers.

    What did the PR people say? They probably used the number for the mock up and forgot to take it off once it got approved.

      When I wrote 'What did the PR people say', I meant what did the voicemail mention? Was it at least related to the game?

        I'd say is was the direct number of one of the Sony PR peeps in general... hence why Seamus has blacked out the number for the photo...

        I'll bet he got their voicemail.
        "Hi this is **** of ****. Sorry I can't take your call at the moment..." etc etc.

        Yep, it was just a plain old "Hi, you've reached..." voicemail for the PR person who organised it.

    Heh... shoulda replaced it with the "You have been dumped" voicemail number :)

    Ive preordered it.
    Cannot wait!

    It must have been disappointing. If it was me, I would built up anticipation in my mind, wondering what would happen if I called the number.

    Yeah the ARG has really spiked my interest in this game, hats off to them. Wasn't even on my 'game' radar prior to the ARG.

    Excited for this. 1 MORE WEEK WOO. What would have been really fun would be the Voicemale the George Costanza set, the one with singing. That would freak me out

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