Playstation PR Heavy Rain Promo Almost Really Cool

Playstation PR Heavy Rain Promo Almost Really Cool

We received some flyers in the mail today. One was about a missing boy. Another a private investigator for hire. Plus the card for an FBI agent. All seemed connected to the Origami Killer… so I called the number.

Clever promos to get us writers talking can be fun. And on this occasion a few ‘real world’ elements to draw us into the world of Heavy Rain was a nice idea. All with extra hints that we’ll be able to help find the Origami Killer soon.

But when I rang the phone number listed, I just got the voicemail of one of the PR people. Oh noes! So close! If only they’d have laid down a cryptic, creepy, weird, kinda scary voicemail message. Maybe the killer has gotten to the number first. Maybe someone is telling us the number has been disconnected due to mysterious circumstances. Maybe… anything?

So close, yet so far.

Still, I’ve mentioned it. Hey, Heavy Rain. Soon. Can hardly wait.


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