PlayStation VP Says "PS1 And PS2 Classics" A Terrific Opportunity

The long-rumoured, recently leaked existence of PlayStation 2 games joining the "PS One Classics" line comes a bit closer to reality, at least in the mind of PlayStation senior VP Peter Dille who calls the digital re-issues a "terrific opportunity".

In an interview with IGN, Dille says that the PlayStation folks are "working really hard on" bringing more PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation Store, not quite an official announcement, but another glimmer of hope.

"From our side, we're going through our own studio organisation and trying to make sure all these old games are out there so that we can lead by example, but we're also communicating with all the third-parties about the success of the Final Fantasy games, and other PS1 and PS2 classics," Dille tells IGN. "By all means, I think people can look for more of that because once the third-parties see how this works, it's just found money. There's not a whole lot of work that has to go into it and once we can get it up on the network, it finds an audience pretty quickly."

With PS2 backward compatibility all but dead on the PlayStation 3 going forward, it would seem like some of that "found money" would be an attractive option for Sony.

Maybe we'll hear something official closer to GDC or E3 this year.

End Bosses: Sony's Peter Dille [IGN]


    Yeah, this would be of actual interest to me if we actually got as robust a catalogue of PSX games as the US.
    The Playstation Store fails for Australian gamers.

      Agreeeed. I don't really bother looking anymore unless I KNOW there's something going up there I'd want.

    This is pretty annoying.

    I tbink especially as this was rather obvious, which is why they removed backwards compatability. To make us pay for games we already own on a digital download service.

      'Terrific opportunity'...for Sony to make more money..

    Downloading the 200 - 300 meg PS1 games is all well and good, but I’m not going to blow my monthly download quota on a huge PS2 game.

      Very valid point...

    while all this is great the Aus store has about 4 PS1 games, this means if we are lucky we might get one PS2 game, and it won't even be MGS3

      LOL and of that 4 PS1 games, 3 of them are crappy Disney Kids titles that not too many PS3 owners would be buying...

    I would gladly pay for a "digital remaster" (ie. replacement of textures and possibly some models) of Team Ico's two PS2 games. I couldn't justify it if there was nothing done to improve the quality.

    well if you still have your original ps1 game discs, they will still run on the ps3. it would of been nice if sony would of allowed us to rip our original discs so that we could play them on the psp.

    but didn't sony say that it wasnt going to continue developement of the ps2 code because "no-one plays those old games anymore"

    Wouldn't it just be easier for Sony to just put backwards compatibility into the PS3?

    As someone who took the time to hunt down a second hand 60 gig PS3 for its backwards-compatibility, this is making me very anxious. Here's hoping they don't do something incredibly stupid like bring out a software update that invalidates playing my old PS2 games on disc, in a vain attempt to make my buy them all over again (which I resolutely will not be doing). Sony is making an art of alienating its own supporters this generation...

    Now here is an interesting thought people. Sony have used PS classics across the PS3 and PSP. How about the idea that the launch of PS2 classics will coincide in proximaty to the release of a next gen handheld ie PSP2 that is capable of emulating PS2 on the go.

    I am convinced Sony will bring back PS2 backwards compatibility in at least some form.


    1) The PS3 Slim allows you to create internal PS2 memory cards.

    2) The leaked Sega memo.

    3) Now this.

    I have a few PS2 games and I'd appreciate disc-based BC. If Sony don't allow disc-based BC, there will be a hell of a lot of outrage, especially when the Xbox 360's limited software BC allows discs to be played.

    The fact is that allowing disc-based BC would be an obvious boon for PS3 sales. The PS2 lifecycle is basically over, so they will have to eventually retire the device.

    If Sony demand money for it... look, I can deal with a MODEST one-time payment for emulation software from PSN, but "no discs, rebuy old games" would not only eat up bandwidth and disc space but cause a hell of a lot of rage. Quite justifyably.

    I dont think id accept simple ports. Remastered 720p updated visuals are a must.

    I don't see them enabling disc based bc when they can make money from digital downloads - that's not evil, it's just business.

    Plus I would buy team ico's games in a shot (despite still owning a working ps2 and SOTC.

      "Not evil"?

      Microsoft has disc-based BC as well as downloadable copies.

      Nintendo has full disc-based BC for Gamecube games (the only pre-Wii Ninty console with optical media).

      Sony has full disc-based BC for PS1 games as well as downloadable copies.

      Preventing players with hard copies of PS2 games from using their discs to replay old games, games which said players already have paid Sony for, and instead making them purchase second copies via the PSN is not "just business."

      Owners of PS2 game collections lose out because they are forced to shell out more money for the same content.

      Economically speaking it is completely inefficient as well; it uses more resources to produce the exact same result. Unnecessary duplication is obscenely inefficient; physical space for physical copies and disc space for digital copies is eaten away.

      And most importantly, SONY would lose out. Yes, Sony. Why?
      1) Preventing old PS2 games from being played on the PS3 via physical copies would cost PS3 sales. Those PS2 owners (who do not own a PS3 yet) that would otherwise upgrade will not, at least until the PS3 becomes worth it in their eyes.

      2) Facilities that Sony uses to produce PS2's (that could be used to produce PS3's instead) would still be used to produce PS2's. Lets face it, we know Sony will stop making them soon enough, but the point still stands that with PS3 sales rising it becomes economically inefficient for Sony to keep producing last-gen consoles.

      3) Sony have had to do a lot of work the past few years to repair the damage to their reputation the PS3 launch caused. They became known as an arrogant company that believed anything they made would sell, regardless of price, and ultimately had a product that simply was not worth it; game delays, inferior multiplats, hard to develop for hardware... Sony became known as patronizing windbags that believed the market was still their bitch. After Sony's PS3 launch went disastrously for years, the company was finally humbled and realized they had to add value to their product. Thankfully they did, and now the PS3 Slim is clearly a great offerring that is very much worth the purchase.

      If Sony were to be so cheap as to refuse to enable PS2 discs to play, all the work they have put into repairing their reputation would suddenly be undone. Their BC would be worse than Nintendo's and Microsoft's (MS may have fewer games compatible but at least the BC is free). Forums would be outraged. Even if a gamer does not use BC, they would find Sony's omission shockingly cheap and clearly offensive.

      Only the most irrational Playstation Fanboy that thinks everything Sony does is purely flawless would defend a locking of disc-based BC when such a thing was technically capable.

      And did I mention that it is Sony themselves that are responsible for this? THEY raised the bar with regards to backwards compatibility. They have an obligation to meet their previously-set standards.

      Sony have an opportunity to prove themselves better than MS and Nintendo. They have an opportunity to hasten adoption of the PS3 and improve the product's value. They obviously have the technology to do it via dynamic recompilation software. And finally they have an opportunity to fully redeem themselves in the eyes of the public.

      Only the most utterly myopic idiot of an executive would sacrifice long-term product growth, consumer satisfaction and public reputation enhancement on the altar of short term sales figures.

      And only the most foaming-at-the-mouth of fanpersons would defend Sony if they decided to be so irrationally myopic.

      Yes, I'm aware that the dynamic recompilation software would not have been easy to program (to put it bluntly, given PS2 and PS3's highly heterodox and heterogenous architectures), which is why I can understand, say, a $20 or $25 one-time fee for said software update to play disc-based PS2 games. The feature would have been complex and costly to make, so a one-time modest fee would not be unforgiveable.

      But demanding entire repurchases that eat up disc space? This would be the purely demented from everyone's perspective. It would be an economically inefficient PR disaster that would damage the PS3's sales, value for money and reputation. It would be yet another insult thrown at Sony's consumers and it would delay adoption of the new platform.

    They probably may bring back disc BC when the ps2 finally dies

    but i think they'll have remastered editions of popular games

    that'd make the most sense, but then again, the big 3 aren't noted for their generosity to their customers

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