Points For Toothbrushing: The Gaming Speech Everyone Is Talking About

People keep tweeting and emailing... did you see this speech? Yes, I saw it. This is today's must-watch about the future of gaming - and the future of life.

Carnegie Mellon assistant professor of entertainment and technology, Jesse Schell, tore down the house at the DICE Summit last week in a half-hour presentation about where games are heading, beyond consoles and beyond even the current gaming phenomenon, Facebook's FarmVille.

The hook behind FarmVille and so many other popular games these days is authenticity and reality, Schell argued. Schell said the leading trend is games "busting through reality", denying the old notion that gaming's best attraction is fantasy. Playing a game in which you're outscoring your friends - not people you meet on Xbox Live, but your old uni roommate you've friended on Facebook - is the undeniable lure.

So where does that taking gaming? And life? If you're short on time, go to the 20-minute mark.

DICE 2010: "Design Outside the Box" Presentation [G4]


    That is by far the most interesting presentation I have seen in a long time.

    That was amazing. Thankyou for posting this.

    If you're on facebook playing nothing but these games, you probably need a REAL dose of reality. So many aspects of these games seem illogical to me but meh, whatever rocks your boat.

    I guess it helps that I still play games to get away from real life rather than the other way around. I also hate reality TV. My brain doesn't see every day things as not being "real". There is no difference between a traditional burger and an angus burger in my book.

    Schell's prediction is an interesting one (albeit maybe a bit exaggerated...maybe). Though unless these points can actually be used to do something as he let on in a couple of the examples, it's like saying people are too insecure or incompetent to do every day things without being rewarded for doing it.

    I'm not sure it'd inspire you as much as it'd make you paranoid that everyone is constantly judging your every move. Hey points for performing well in bed - zero points?!? Uh oh.

    I really liked a lot of this presentation, especially the point about how games are creating roots in reality to try and hook gamers more.

    However the stuff at the end about the future I find pretty hard to believe. I do not believe games will ever reach into every facet of life like this. Firstly it would take too much technology to put an lcd screen and camera and UI into every item everywhere, I mean think about it we already complain that we waste too many resources in the cardboard packages we have now.

    Secondly I think people will resist it too much, if they do start pushing point reward systems into all these different facets of life people will get sick of it and start to find them more annoying than enjoyable. People who cared so much about the point gathering would be scorned and ridiculed the same way people who care so much about achievements are.

      We already have a point system. It's called money.

    very imformative and raises a good possible future model of the future of gaming...

    its interesting how 'casual gaming' has become quite large and has taken our focus away from regular gaming. ie, the bulk of current well selling titles are family oriented instead of gritty 18+ stuff. i just hope that we dont see the fall of adult gaming because the latter sells better....

    I think he's playing semantics when he talks about reality selling stuff.

    he is wrong and he knows it ( i think hes being ironic at the end ) we are wrong in this practice of tracking our performance of life. the only reason we keep living is entertainment distracting us from the ultimate reality that we will all die some day and be forgoten regardless of how much of our life is recorded or tracked or 'achived'.. its just about having fun in the present.

    people who play games beacuse they think others care are foolish you have to live for your self if you fall into this trap your not a "gamer" and your no subculture to the horrors of the real world.. your part of it and disgusting.

    i really hope thats why he said his last words with disgust.. this wont make us better people this will mabye distroy respected art and make it consumption based thing. and disgusting.

    deleat your twitters
    keep your facebooks for stalking
    fill time with things you connect with not others

    try and touch people in real life as much as possible and hope for the best.

    in my head thats real achivments.points.scores.life

    i Just got 200 points for watching that video.

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