Pre-ordering The Dawn Of War II Expansion Is So Gangsta

Real-time strategy fans who pre-order Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II's Chaos Rising expansion online will score a free copy of Saints Row 2, which I'm sure makes sense to someone, somewhere.

I know there have to be PC gamers out there who enjoy a real-time strategy game as much as they do an open-ended sandbox game about stealing cars and gangbanging, and perhaps they are overjoyed right now at this news, rushing to Steam, Best Buy, GameStop, GameTap or Metaboli to put their order in. Maybe they'll even pre-order the game directly from THQ, which scores them an exclusive Librarian Wargear Pack on top of that. For that proud few, I am happy.

I just can't imagine the Venn diagram comparing fans of the two disparate genres shows much overlap.

Still, getting a full game for free with purchase of a $US29.99 standalone expansion is quite the deal, so maybe a mass expanding of horizons is in order. Did you know you could sell sex for respect in Saints Row 2? That's some real-time strategy right there. See? We can all get along.


    It's the same at GAME, although you get to choose between Saints Row 2 and Lost Planet.

    Oh man, I got this the other day. Best deal ever.

    While I'm definitely buying Chaos Rising...I doubt I'd even bother installing Saints Row.

    Makes me wonder if the publishers understand their target audience.

    My guess

    it's pretty obvious...

    SR2 didn't go well on PC cause it is a bad port from the consoles (which it kicked ass on!)

    THQ put out both games... so this helps to get rid of all the copies of SR2 that just won't sell... lol

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