Project Natal Meets Superman (Well...Superman's Supporting Cast)

In case you missed it - and let's face it, you probably did - over the weekend, Microsoft decided that the perfect place to promote Project Natal was... on TV show Smallville.

Here it is, complete with French subtitles, which make it look a lot sexier than it actually is. What's best about it is not the French; it's the way the whole segment avoids subtlety to such an extent Microsoft would have been better off just screening a proper Natal commercial during the ad break instead.

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    My god. I stopped watching this after season 6 (I own them all on DVD) and jesus, im glad i did. this was lame.

    This is troubling...

    This kind of obnoxious product placement drives me crazy! Leave it to the ad breaks please!

    Couldn't they just do a whole season where Lex is revealed as Bobby Kotick and sends Natals to every home around the world and try and create a super army through Natals best games?
    This doesn't really show Natal in a good light, I mean, he looks like a constipated spider

    Also, Chloe would be a good pimp

    This definitely puts me off buying the Natal.
    Looks like complete bs.

    They really shouldn't bother advertising it, if that game's all they've got to show.

    So very lame.

    Project Natal: So good, you can fly!


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