PSone Classics Get A Little More "Classic" This Week On PSN

The North American PlayStation Store is getting one new addition that can bear the PSone Classic moniker with a straight face this week, the excellent role-playing game from developer Game Arts, Grandia.

Look, no offence to the makers of Dirt Jockey, Sorcerer's Maze and Hi-Octane: The Track Fights Back, but the addition of Grandia is a welcome original PlayStation contribution. The option to play the late '90s PlayStation and Saturn adventure, even at the higher than normal PSone Classic asking price of $US9.99, is exciting.

Game Arts' Takahiro Nishi gets Grandia fans pumped for the digital re-release at the official PlayStation blog.

Coming to PSN this Week: Grandia PSOne Classic []


    This had better be released in Australia soon!

    I actually own a copy and it's one of the best J-RPGs I have ever played.

    Hope Alundra is next!


    Deifinitely was one of the overlooked classics of the PSOne JRPG era in au.. i was lucky to score a copy ages ago =D

    The english voices were a bit painful at times tho xD

    awesome, we'll get this down under in say, 12 months time.

    My favorite game ever! I actually went and tracked down the original JP PS1 Grandia and the Sega Saturn version. I'd buy this just to have it, though I agree with RocK_M that the english voice acting was terrible :P

    I played the first several hours of this a couple years ago and thought it was absolutely brilliant, a gem that I'd missed when it had first come out for PS1 (I never owned a Saturn). But I didn't play it through because it was extremely buggy and several times crashed while traversing a dungeon, forcing me to restart from the same save over and over.

    I understand that PS1 games on PS3 are run via emulation. Is there any chance that the crashing issues I had with the original PS1 version would not reappear on this release?

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