PSP Still The Platform To Beat In Japan (Or Is It?!)

Sony's PlayStation Portable sits atop this week's Japanese Hardware Chart once again, thanks to... well, actually that's a good question. Kingdom Hearts, maybe? Valkyria Chronicles? You'd think the Nintendo DS would be the system performing best.

Looking at Dragon Quest VI sales, the DS platform's sales this week - spread across three iterations, mind you - feel like they should have been higher. Nintendo's handheld did sell a combined 72,000-plus units, definitely better than the previous week, likely thanks to a little help from Square Enix's latest remake. So, from one perspective, the Nintendo DS/i/LL is the week's bestseller.

But take first place the PSP did again, no thanks to the PSPgo. Anyone want to take bets on when (or if) the UMD-less version of the PSP dips into the three digit sales zone?

  • PSP - 47,875
  • Wii - 42,309
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 34,863
  • PlayStation 3 - 34,431
  • Nintendo DSi - 24,783
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 6811
  • Xbox 360 - 4089
  • PlayStation 2 - 2182
  • PSPgo - 1645


    God the PSPgo was such a mistake.. bet sony are looking at each saying... how the fuck did we screw it so badly... this is even worse then when the PS3 initially launched.

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