Reader Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

Reader Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

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This review was submitted by Kyle Castley. If you’ve played the Bad Company 2 beta, or just want to ask Kyle more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC Beta)

The PC Beta for BC2 throws you into a 32 player map Port Valdez as DICE bring back their attack and defend game mode ‘Rush.’ The Beta gives us a small taste of the vehicles, kits, and the rank up system we are all used to seeing from a Battlefield game, but more importantly, shows us what will be different.


Firstly, I’d like to say I loved pretty much everything from the old Battlefields that they brought into the new. The game modes, the kit types, the style which the game is played, loved it all. So I’m going to comment mainly on things that are new/improved, instead of the staples of the Battlefield genres.

Critical Kill Asists: Finally, we have a kill score system that’s more accurate. 50 points for killing an enemy, 30 for doing critical damage, and 10 for damage assists. Makes the scoreboard a bit more accurate as to players contributions. Destroying vehicles also gives you more points than ever before, which is just as well, as they seem to be tougher to kill.

Explosions: The ability to destroy terrain is enhanced in the sequel and it really shows. Creating entrances to buildings, routing out enemies from their cover, creating new pathways around the map, and many more possibilities lay at your trigger finger.

Camouflage: It may just be on the one Snow level you’re given access to in the beta, but the Ghillie suits seem to be ten times more effective in this game. You need to be looking for them to find them, and even then you can still miss them.


The menus: Well, not all the menus. The server selection page has been reported to take a few minutes to load, which is annoying as it gives you the entire server list in one go, instead of bringing up the servers as it finds them. You do not seem to be able to sort the servers by latency or players, rather only in alphabetical order. I would make a bigger fuss about this, but I am assuming that because it’s the Beta, these features will definitely be included in the full release.

Dying Animation: Whenever I died, I seemed to lose all momentum as soon as my HP hit zero. It’s like the opposite of a rag-doll effect, and it really irks me, and kind of ruins the immersion. Although, perhaps it’s just a motivation to stay alive?

Helicopters: I just can’t pilot them, no matter how much time I spend practicing.

There are many things I could go into further detail about, such as how simplistic yet wonderful I find the HUD is, how it’s now harder to rank up but possibly easier to get new equipment, but all in all it comes down to the simple fact that if you like Battlefield, it seems like you’ll love Bad Company 2. If you’re annoyed at Infinity Ward for their lack of dedicated servers, Bad Company 2 seems like it’d be a welcome choice. Hell, if you like FPS games for any platform, Bad Company 2 will probably serve you well.

Over and Out.

Reviewed by: Kyle Castley

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  • You’ve used that old template again Dave, it says 300 words 😛

    Taking a while to get back into it after a week off huh? 😉

  • Does anyone else loathe the fact that everyone seems to be trying to drive MMO style persistence into what should be stateless multiplayer games.

    To me, in a game like BF it shouldn’t matter how long you’ve been playing, when you jump into a new game you should have access to the exact same equipment and abilities every other player has.

    Anyway, that’s just my personal gripe about the state of multiplayer shooters these days (coincidentally my first experience with unlocks was in BF2, which is one of my bigger “WTF are the developers thinking” moments). Thankfully, like previous BFs, I hear you don’t need the later unlocks to be effective in this game which is a small saving grace at least.

    Despite my grievances with unlocks I think I might still pick this up post release pending a few more impressions. TF2 is getting a bit old after a few years and I need a new go to for my MP shooter needs. BF is one of my favourite series, despite the fact that 1942 was the best in my opinion and it’s all been downhill from there. Maybe this one will bring back some of the former glory.

    Would you describe the hardness of piloting the helicopters challenging or just bad control design? I like a good challenge in piloting.

    • The Helicopters are hard to control but not impossible as I’ve been on teams that were being raped by a chopper….. absolutely annihilated, to put it simply. A good chopper pilot is a valuable asset on the battlefield but there aren’t that many yet in the demo.

      You have to remember you can invert flight controls, which is the way I prefer it (push down to pull up) when you jump into a game its set on default. For some reason I can’t stand inverted controls in FPS or any other game but they must be employed when flying in any game…. why?… I don’t know but that’s the way its gotta be with me.

      • I am looking forward to the full game coming out so I can fly helicopters in single player. I am too scared that I will push the wrong button and end up flipping out and smashing into something, hehe.

        • Yeah, I’d recommend learning in Single player. Anyone who is a good helicopter pilot instantly becomes a huge asset to the team, a good helicopter will turn the game around, a bad one will create huge problems for the defensive side.

    • The controls are the same as BF2, and the difficulty is similar to it as well. I don’t know whether it’s because I had heaps of practice with previous BF games but I haven’t found the choppers particularly hard to fly.

      I haven’t played the console version though, so maybe that’s what people are talking about. The helicopter controls in Bad Company 1 were reeeeaaaally hard, for me. 🙁

    • the choppers are fine to fly and i use the mouse

      most people screw up because for some reason the controls for the heli and the laser heli drone thing are inverted to one another

      also alot of chopper pilots focus way to much on trying to hit stuff with there missles and either end up to low and get shot down or overcompensate on a turn and wipe out

  • I am glad the choppers are hard to fly and were nerfed. They were a little too easy to fly in BF2 and it is going to take tons of practice to be a really good apache pilot. Although i already see in the pub servers that quite a few people are flying it VERY well.

    Menus – well like you said it’s a beta. DICE already commented that the full server browser will have the full functionality that everyone expects.

    Great game – atm my team is into the group finals on the CG ladder for the beta cup and we haven’t had so much fun scrimming for a long time.

  • Have not tried to fly a chopper yet but I did spend most of a game trying to take one out.
    It was destroying us and nothing I could do got near it.

  • you cant pilot the helicopter? lol i love watching noobs crash them, but its annoying when they do anything to get to it first when someone who could help the battle could use it.

  • Mind you the helicopter flying in BC2 is alot easier than BF2. The helicopter seems to auto-level when you stop pressing anything, in BF2 it just keeps going then boom

    And.. what Nicholas said. Don’t fly chopper with a mouse.. if that’s what you’re doing. It’s freakin’ impossible to fly with the mouse. Arrow keys are your friend, I’ve never crashed my chopper even once*

    *excluding being shot down by AA or over-confident bombing runs

  • 10thises

    Only played it about an hour in total, all today and asides from the craptastic menus, horrible server browsing options and the seeming lack of voice commands in game, it’s freaking BRILLIANT.

    Nails the feel of modern day battles os much more than CoD, not to mention destroyable everything means that we all have to learn how to play an FPS all over again.

    Really exciting top notch stuff, pushing the genre forwards whilst keeping everything that was so right with 1942 all those years ago.

  • Not going to get the game, but this guy deserves a lot of credit for his review. He didn’t mention NOR compare it to MW2 or in anyway bash the game.

    For that, he wins the monthly review prize for me.

    And yes, i played the beta.

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