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This review was submitted by Richard Casey. If you’ve played Darksiders, or just want to ask Richard more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Darksiders (PS3)

Darksiders is a third-person action/puzzle game. You play War who is one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War gets blamed for starting the apocalypse early and wiping out mankind, so he is stripped of his powers and given the chance to go out into the wasteland that is now Earth and seek vengeance on whoever set him up. Reviewers everywhere will assure you that this is not a God of War clone. Well I’m here to tell you that it is a God of War clone. There I’ve said it... now we can all just move on, because being a clone is not always a bad thing.


Clonehood: It is a God of War CLONE! This is a good thing, lots of action and puzzles and upgrades and special powers and violence and kickarseness.

Puzzles: The puzzles are moderately challenging and can take some grey cell power to figure out.

Action: There is a good variation of weapons and the action never gets tedious.


Story: The story is very vague. For example, if I get a new major weapon I want some sort of story as to why I now have that weapon, I don’t want to just find it lying around without any explanation.

War: War as a character is your typical brooding anti-hero. In other words he was boring. The only shining light character-wise is a giant Ogre-type blacksmith called Ulthane and I found myself more than once wishing I could be playing as Ulthane instead of War.

This is a God of War clone but it’s the best damn God of War clone this side of Mount Olympus. You will play it, enjoy it and when it’s all over you will think of Kratos and start the countdown to March.

Reviewed by: Richard Casey

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    Yeah because my favorite part of GOW was tearing it around on a horse shooting and cleaving with a 2H sword...

    Have you even played the game? It's not even close to a GOW clone.

      Are you sure everyone's on the same page here? Gears of War and God of War are both abbreviated to GOW, one a futuristic army shooter and exclusive to Xbox, the other a mythology-based hack-n-slash exclusive to PS...

        The article says God of War clone, so when I say GOW only the people who havn't read the article wont know which one I mean...

        Then ask yourself, who's going to post a comment on an article they havn't read...

    Too me it was Zelda with Devil May Cry

    With sprinkles of Panzer Dragoon.

    More DMC actually when I think back, Demon Form.. Cheating swordplay by bringing a gun.. And riding a horse from Zelda and your own personal helper that's hellbent on making you suffer (ARGH SHUT UP NAVI)

    Hey Kav I was going to say the same thing - this game feels nothing like God of War - I feel bad recommending it to a friend and telling him it was a little like GOW - because it is...

    ...and I think a bit of discussion needs to happen about the technical FAIL of this game
    * Choppy framerate
    * Mega screen tearing
    * Slow loading
    * Awful low-res textures

    Another FAILED X360 port on the PS3. Why bother?

      To be fair, the screen tearing was fixed in the recent patch.


      It actually runs better on Ps3.

        It does? Oh Lord! I'd HATE to see the 360 version then...

    So 'clone' may be a bit of a stretch, but you can't argue that some of the game play mechanics bear more than a slight resemblance to GOW.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be Richard's opinion. You may notice you have one of your own. Matter of fact, I believe we all do. Why not put a review together that refutes this point of view.

      Reviews aren't about "opinion". You can put personal opinions in side notes but you can't call a game that is in a completely different ballpark to God of War, a God of War CLONE...

        Hey guys, appreciate the feedback but could you explain to me why you don't think it's a GOW clone (God of War, not Gears of War!). Playing it all I could think of was GOW.. I literally finished the game and started looking forward to GOW. I am a Playstation man through and through so I've never played Zelda so I can't compare... but apart from having a horse and a gun how was this different from GOW? [Unless you are being literal with the word clone... which would imply it was exactly the same game staring a dude called Kratos and set in Ancient Greece.. if that is the case then yes, this is not a God of War clone :)]

        Also I never had a problem with screen tearing.

          This has very few similarities with God of War IMHO. If you havent played Zelda then you wouldnt get what everyone is talking about.

          Darksiders is more of an open world game. You can stop the story progression and go back to places you have visisted and just kill random stuff or collect items and unlockables. Zelda was very much like this (even had a horse, boomerang (same as the throwable thing), a hook and chain, and sword upgrades, etc.

          God of War is very linear, once you finish an area you can go back. It also didnt have themed dungeons like this does.

          As mentioned, if you went and played Zelda now chances are you would get what we are all talking about, but seeing as you havent the closest thing i can think of thats been on the PS3 is actually God of War.

          Good review, but you NEED to go and play an N64 Zelda game (just so you can call yourself a proper gamer) :)

          Do us all a favour and play Zelda then!
          That'll turn you off your gaystation so quick it'll make your head spin

    To be honest Darksiders pays homage to a number of popular titles in recent years, the least of which is God of War. The "slaughter enemies until you wade knee-deep in their blood" sections give you the GoW feel, but then suddenly you're back on your horse in the open world and you're back in Zelda territory.

    Definitely think it plays more like Zelda, but if you've never played anything outside of GoW then I can understand why you'd come to that conclusion & some of your points.

    Nice review but darksiders is nothing like god of war, it's a Zelda rip off then takes elements from many games including Portal. In the end it's a souless game, pretty dispointing, there wasn't a single element from it that was original.

    Thanks guys.... Obviously I missed the boat with Zelda, also just for the record GOW isn't the only other game I have played in my entire life, I once played Altered Beast on my cousins Megadrive but the graphics were too realistic and I had to stop before the first level boss. So that makes 3 games I can compare it to :)

    Just wait till my GOW3 review.... from what I've read I think it sounds a lot like Twinsen's Little Big Adventure....

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