Rebellion: All Bonus AvP Maps Will Be Made Available

The four multiplayer maps included with the Aliens vs Predator special editions will be made available to the general public, Rebellion has said. No date or pricing was discussed.

Tim Jones, Rebellion's head of art and design, told VG247 that the maps will be made available "soon after release". Jones also hinted there will be more post-launch DLC news coming from Rebellion.

Right now the maps are available in the Hunter and Survivor editions of Aliens vs Predator. The game releases February 19.

AvP Special Edition DLC Available to All "Soon After Release" [VG247]


    It's out on the 18Th

    Yeah getting annoyed with this, they did the same with AC2. Releasing all the 'exclusive' content with the second lot of DLC. So i'm technically paying for it twice. Whats the point of getting the special edition if all this 'exclusive' stuff is just sold seperately

      ummm.... lifesize fully poseable facehugger anyone?

      This is the only reason I'm getting the Hunter Edition.

      Personally though, it's stupid to give out collector edition exclusive multiplayer maps. This will cut the number of people playing those maps to about 1/4 (rough guess) until it's released as a mandatory download. Just put the whole bloody lot in in one hit. It's retarded.

    True that, also has anybody else read the Game Informer review...Ouch. That ben guy doing the review is clearly not a fan of the original games or movies.

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