Rebellion Calls AvP 'Critical Success'; Talking Sequel

Discounting "three totally sh— reviews" from American sources, Rebellion reasons that Aliens vs Predator is a "critical success", just as becoming the UK's fastest-selling title of 2010 makes it a commercial success. They're already thinking sequel.

"The reviews have been mostly good," Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley told Develop Magazine. "We've had three totally sh— reviews by some Americans, which is a bit odd. Some of them were inexcusably bad. If you discount those poor reviews AvP is averaging high for us."

Currently on Metacritic, Aliens vs Predator is averaging 73, 67 and 65 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively. Gamespot, of course, savaged it with a 55 (PC), but if you throw out the low and the high it still comes back to a 75 for the PC.

Whatever, it's enough for Kingsley to start talk of a sequel. "We're also in discussions with Sega about ongoing support for AvP, and also about a sequel to the game," Kingsley told develop "I won't say what stage those negotiations are in, but we would love to revisit the franchise. Fox are excited about what we're doing, and we feel we've added value to the franchise."

Kingsley said the studio would "love to work with Sega again," adding, "there were a lot of things we couldn't fit into the original."

Rebellion Elated with AvP Sales, Wants Sequel [Develop via VE3D]


    A fair statement. It's quite clear that a number of the reviewers aren't familiar enough with the film franchises to understand exactly why some mechanics and other game elements were allowed to set limits in this game, which would probably not occur in an original IP. To judge the game fairly you really need to factor in how it manages to create a fun and engaging experience whilst remaining true to the extensive universe it draws from.

      it all comes down to personal taste and opinion.

      It's like saying - why couldn't have this film just followed the games story. I find myself asking that question with most, if not all, movies i've seen based on video games.

      I feel that way, because i feel let down. But then if they had followed it - they still may have screwed it up and i would've wanted something that suited MOVIES rather than GAMES.

      So... the differences of opinion are: Do they make an AvP to better suit a video game and let down some die-hard fans with features/experience/gameplay/story or deliver something to cater die-hard fans and make others confused or not like it and perhaps not get Universal praise form critics.

      There is always going to be someone who doesn't like what they're given - but, life goes on!

    Success my ass. I finished the game in under 4 1/2 hours. That is nothing even close to good. Lose the predator and alien parts and just have a single, 8 - 12 hour marine campaign. It's just better that way.

      Yeah.. lose the Alien and Predator part and what would they call it then?

      Colonial Marines? Oh wait ;)

      That being said I've had a blast playing this over the weekend. The multiplayer is surprisingly balanced with Infestion and Predator Hunt being my current favourites.

      Did you play through the campaign on Easy or Normal? I started on Hard and have put at least 8+ hours into the single player, spread between the three species though.

      I do agree that anyone giving this game a less than a 7 should just got back to Modern Warfare 2. Yes its lacking some polish and can be a little rough around the edges but it provides a massive fan service and if you like any of the movie franchises its based on you'll definitely enjoy it.

    This is good to hear. Despite a few annoyances and control issues which I think stemmed from the console versions, I do think Rebellion did a decent enough job with the game especially considering the abhorrent AvP movies in recent years. The theme was in the right place (future and space) and despite the game's linear single-player, it held true to the respective franchises.

    In my opinion, if they were to scrap sections of the melee system (blocking), add dedicated server support, remove targeted jumping, introduce more complex controls (crouching, pouncing) and increase the speed of the game by about 20% they could have a real gem of a game in a sequel, especially in multiplayer.

      They're actually in the process of setting up dedicated servers through steam. :)

    I avoided this one after playing that MP demo on the ps3, which was plagued with problems. The only problem they couldn't fix was to add "fun"

    I loved the original AvP and thought it gave quite a terrifying experience. I may still give it a rent just for kicks but it soudns like a missed opportunity.

    Wow, AvP is terrible on consoles, not too sure why they would even consider making another one. This game seems irrelevant and when you play it you will understand why.

    That's kind of a dumb point.

    If I discount every poor judging score I've gotten in every competition I've ever been in... well it turns out I'm one of the worlds best muso's.

    ummm yeah.... 'success'.
    apart from the abhorrent DX9, 10 and 11 issues and still waiting for those promised dedicated servers....

    the game is great... just needs fine tuning so i can err, start it up.

    The single player marine campaign was rubbish. None of the scary bits that really made its predecessor. The multiplayer could really save this game but here we are a few days after release and the only way to play is via a stupid random matchmaking service.

    This game is rubbish. I have it on PC and played it on the weekend. I now have no desire to go back to it, even with the dedicated servers.

    I wish Monolith would make another AVP game.

      I wish monolith would either make another, or reboot their Blood series. This time sticking closer to #1 than #2.

    I bought it on 360 cause i didnt know anything.
    played through the marine campaign and loved how intense it was!

    Though tied and failed to find players on xboxlive.....

    could be more ppl later

    hopefully the multiplayer aint bad.

    though the predator campaign feels a lil dull right off the bat.

    "Did you play through the campaign on Easy or Normal? I started on Hard and have put at least 8+ hours into the single player, spread between the three species though"

    I finished it on hard and never changed the difficulty. Except for a few parts which I had to reply over 20 times due to stupidly hard difficulty, I had no problem breezing through it.

    Oh and while i'm at it, why are fps games getting so god damn big and shrinking in length? almost 17gb for 5 hours of play time? What the crap?

      It takes a lot more time and money to build a level these days, mostly in terms of art assets, than it used to. Just compare the kind of detail you see in Modern Warfare 2 to even the first Call of Duty.

        That's not a very solid point, David

        How are independent Movies made on little budgets still the same/similar lengths to billion dollar blockbusters?

        Also, Half-life and Half-life 2 have a similar play length, yet were made ten years apart.

        'It's hard' is a poor excuse for short single player games, it's what we are damn well paying for

    David, maybe you haven't seen the work they're doing on NS2? (re: level work)

    I liked this game, dispite it's flaws - I liked the 2 other AvP games also.

    I think an expansion or sequel should do more "new" stuff that will impress more reviewers.
    Intriguing and Intertwining Storyline, Impressive character development, Authentic Scares... hell, I could write one.

    I'd like to get a game in multiplayer, without having to wait retarded amounts of time to find one. Dedicated servers can't come fast enough for my liking.

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