Red Steel 2 Has Live Action, But Not How You'd Think

While checking out Red Steel 2 earlier this month I couldn't help but notice that the game, like Mad Dog McCree, has its own form of live action.

No, you won't be slapping leather against the likes of One-Eyed Jack, instead you'll be following along as a woman shows you how to play the Wii game.

Originally, Red Steel 2 used animated pictures, Roman Campos Oriola, the game's lead designer, told me when I asked about the woman in the box. But people would watch the video, which was meant to demonstrate how you have to swing with the remote from the elbow or hip to play the game, and would then go back to playing with tiny wrist movements.

"We thought 'Maybe people don't get the motion because they don't see someone doing it,'" Oriola said. "We tested out an instructional video with someone from the studio showing the motions and everyone understood it."

So the team cast a model to come in and shoot a series of short tutorials that show a player how to waggle their Wii remote for optimal gameplay.

I'm not sure that the end result works for me. Sure, I get what I'm supposed to do, but the instructional video and the game that uses it clash on some very basic level.


    I think the fact that the setting is all ninja-like but then you have this chick in a white top moving a wii mote like she couldn't give 2 shits about it.

    They should have got someone dressed up as a Samurai, but holding a Wii-mote. Then if he actually did it like he cared a little, perhaps it would suit the game.

    Then again... she did seem quite into the 'thrusting' action...

    3 years too late? maybe a video to show people they don't have to swing like Agassi in Wii Sports would've meant a lot less broken TV's

    I agree with Scott, the video clashes a LOT with the game. Would it be so hard to say, dress her up in a Kimono, or a Ninja outfit or something like that?

    Ugh, she looks like she's about to have a round of Wii Fit

    What an awesome awesome game Mad Dog Mcree was.

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