Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    First thought was Wing Commander, but it looks more old school than that.

      Software version 1.0 HUD of the AH-64 Apache Longbow? :)

    Looks like Elite... looks like...

    Superman 64

    It's more of a flight simulator, perhaps f15 or f16 judging by the radar. But there's too much game-like stuff to be a combat simulator.

    It's weird, the graphics aren't ancient enough for a C64, but then are too blocky for an Amiga (two favorites of this post)

    So does that leave a PC (EGA graphics) shuttle lander simulator or space trader of some sort?

    Tau Ceti. For the C64.

    Echelon for C64 .. I remember it came with that funky headset for in-game voice commands.

      Yeah Echelon. A bit too ambitious for the 64, would be a nice sort of game to have on a modern platform...

    Some sort of early flight/spcaecraft simulator. Not C64 (pixels are too small).. some early Amiga games did have fonts like that because you could use an RF Modulator and plug it in to a TV.

    Along the top of the control panel looks like three ammo counters,down the right is .. yaw, pitch and thrust perhaps?

    I keep thinking of subLogic's UFO but that's not it (

      Echelon on EGA PC, which I don't think was ever released.

      I remember something similar, having the four green power or shield reserves either side of the view port (one of these is empty on the above picture in blue?)

    Some Googling for verification shows that it was indeed Echelon for DOS, release in '88 (according to MobyGames).

    Well done Chris and Stinky.

    Very good/hard one. More of these please!

    FYI: I still have the C64 voice activated missle launcher at home somewhere, but the game is long gone.

    I remember Echelon! It was slow as hell when there were more than a few wireframe graphics on the screen, but I had never seen anything else like it on the C64 up until then. It was an exploratory game that had you pick up artifacts and piece together a puzzle. It had an interesting premise and had a complex layout, but eventually got boring once you've made a complete tour of the map. The combat was about as repetitive as it could be. You also could fly through all the structures and mountains on the planet without taking damage, which never seemed right to me. The Lipstik controller was more gimmick than innovation, and ensured that you would never have a girlfriend if someone saw you sporting that thing. Did anyone finish the game? I can't remember if I did or not.

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