Remember This?

Remember This?

Remember This?Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


  • It took my ages to figure out you had to throw that log at the Predator at the end! And even after I knew it took me ages to be able to pick up the log again! God bless finicky controls and dodgy joysticks!

  • Yup.

    Predator on the C64. Is this the broken version where it was impossible to kill the predator at the end due to a bug?

    Even with a trainer it couldn’t be done!

    • Oh good god!
      I remember buying that game…getting all excited and then getting to the end and…..and…..oh my god!

      That was a game I left for dead years ago. I had no idea that it was bugged. I thought it was just my crappy playing “skilz”.

      Yea it is without a doubt the C64 version. Can not miss those graphics 🙂

      • I had this on Atari St. Never could beat the predator at the end. All I remember is that when he cloaked he was just a bunch of pixelated blocks. Ah the good old days

  • Such an awesome game…
    Though mine on the floppy disk had a trainer built in :/ never got it at retail.

    Was insanely hard if i remember correctly.

  • I used to crap myself (figuratively) whenever i saw those purple-ish colored vines, and immediately run away as quick as possible. God that game used to freak me out. I was probably only 6-10 yrs old at the time.

  • Beaten horribly, but yeah. Predator.

    I used to play this at my mate’s house after school on his Atari. Between this and Impossible Mission, we pretty much learned to love masochistically difficult games.

  • Ahh. Takes me back to the days of Zzap 64 and the coolest of Joystick test – The will it survive a 2 story drop test. Though I remember playing this only a few times and thinking they should have done the 2 story drop test with every copy of this game.

    • c64 and speccy graphics have a timeless quality to them; some of the design choices forced by limitations gives them a nice, abstract feel.

      I can’t look at 16bit graphics the same way, mostly they just look bad to me now.

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