Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    One of the two Aliens games on C64. Both fairly different from memory too.

      UK release.

        That's the one.

        From memory the UK one was a fps-style corridor crawler/shooter that was fairly atmospheric. Whereas the US/other release was more arcade focused?

          Yeah it was fairly ambitious and pretty much pulled it off. The US one was kinda sucky but had some good digitized stills.

    I'm going to hazard a guess at Aliens for C64?

    Woot! Got in just as it came up!

    That would be Aliens. (duh! Look at the names!) Given the far superior colouring compared to the other platform versions, that would be the C64 version.

    Aliens on the Amiga ... I think.

    1986! Aliens: the video game - It was the first time a video game scared me.
    Retro fear was the best.

    "Remember This is brought to you by our sponsors.
    Aliens vs Predator out soon kids!, Now back to the program"

      Haha! Are any posts on Kotaku not related to a commercial product?

    Yep, thats definately aliens for the C64 - not a bad game for it's time- man did i ever suck at it though!

    Aliens vs Predator week!!



    Mario 64????

    haha :3

    Ah yes, the game that introduced the gamer to the head shot (well introduced me that is).

    Remember that my C64 brethren? If you did not get that head shot, you had to shoot them 2 or 3 times to drop them ;)

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