Report: Menace II Society Directors To Helm Akira Flick

The Hughes brothers, best known for their urban crime drama Menace II Society and more recently The Book of Eli, will be bringing the cyberpunk Akira manga to the silver screen, says New York magazine.

The screen will be penned by Iron Man writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Instead of trying to cram all of 2000 plus pages of the Akira manga epic into two hours, Warner Bros is planning on releasing the film in two parts. Each part would cover three volumes of the manga. (Not entirely convinced the world even needs a Hollywood adaptation of Akira!)

The Hughes brothers could be a good choice: Menace II Society was solid and Book of Eli looks cool. Too bad Dead Presidents and From Hell were crap.

This is unconfirmed, but we do not imagine that Warner Bros will greenlight an entire Japanese cast for the picture.

Originally released in 1982, Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira debuted. The manga become a feature film anime, directed by Otomo. Akira changed the way many outside Japan thought about Japanese animation.

Over the years, Akira has gotten several video game adaptations, including 1988 Famicom game as well as a PS2 titles. Look forward to the rushed game adaptations of this upcoming feature film!

Vulture Exclusive: The Hughes Brothers to Direct the Akira Remake — Vulture [NY Mag via ANN]


    God DAMMIT HOLLYWOOD! Leave anime alone! You can ruin as many old 70's/80's TV shows as you want but for the love of GOD leave anime doesn't deserve your foul touch! Fox DESTROYED Dragonball!

    I can not even begin to imagine Hollywood ever getting anime right. I honestly cannot recall a good Hollywood movie based from an anime or manga.

    It only makes it worse that they also give it too much of an American flavour just to be relevant to the mainstream audience. The end result is hazardous to your eyes.

    I'll be looking forward to Christian Bale as Kanada.

    "Not entirely convinced the world even needs a Hollywood adaptation of Akira!"


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