Report: The 10 Most Expensive Video Game Budgets Apparently Are...

As video games get bigger and bigger, video game budgets get bigger and bigger, too. But which games have the biggest budgets?

The sticky part of video game budgets is that some developers will not confirm the actual budgets, and there is some speculation in these numbers. But here, according to website, here are the hugest of the huge:

10. Killzone 2: US$45 million

Most estimates put the budget at $US45 million, but higher estimates put the budget at over €41 million or $US56 million.

9. Final Fantasy XII: $US48 million

The game's budget was $US48 million - without marketing costs. As Digital Battle points out, there are rumours that Final Fantasy XIII had a 50 per cent higher budget.

8. L.A. Noire: $US50 million

Tom Crago, the then president of Game Developers' Association of Australia, cited Noire as "one of the most expensive games in development today". Developed in Australia, Noire has been given a massive budget.

7. APB: $US50 million

In development for five years now, the game officially has a budget of $US50 million.

6. Halo 3: $US55 million

According to Digital Battle, the budget was in the neighbourhood of $US55 million, excluding the $US200 million Microsoft spent on developing the game.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4: $US60 million

Digital Battle puts the budget at $US60 million, which it says was shared between Konami and Sony. The game was in development for four years.

4. Too Human: $US60 million plus

Eons in development, platform and engine switching. Too Human was too expensive.

3. Shenmue: $US70 million

This Dreamcast game held the most expensive game budget record for almost ten years.

2. Gran Turismo 5: $US80 million

In development for over 5 years, the official budget was $US60 million. In 2008.

1. Grand Theft Auto 4: $US100 million

Top 10 most expensive video games budgets ever [Digital Battle]


    "excluding the $US200 million Microsoft spent on developing the game."

    Did you mean 'marketing'?

    " the budget was in the neighbourhood of $US55 million, excluding the $US200 million Microsoft spent on developing the game."
    Not to be picky, but I think you meant "the $200 million Microsoft spent on marketing the game". Marketing, not developing.

    Thing is Shenmue was made years befor all these other games, so the $70 million spent way back then would have been even more dear than it is now. Inflation factors to balance all the costs out anyone? I suck at math.

    Wonder where duke nukem is on that list?

      But we all know where the entire budget for Duke Nukem went........into their pocket

    "Grand Theft Auto 4: $US100 million"

    Wow, that's a lot of money for a game that wasn't actually very different at all...

    this is the same list as in your top 5 of top 10 lists

    Wtf, they spent THAT much money on too human and it still turned out a complete and utter turd? geezus.

    I guess budget really doesn't equal quality, lol
    The others however, eh pretty unsurprising.

    The only one I'm really surprised about is Too Human. Where on earth did that $60 million go? It certainly didn't get spent on the game. I suspect foul play.

    Wow, too human cost a fair bit and is worth $11 trade bait @eb.

    Wow...Too Human was $60 million???
    What a flop!
    And wouldn't Duke Nukem Forever be on that list?

    Wasn't this exact same article one of the Top 5 Top 10 lists recently?

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