Retailer Slashes Final Fantasy XIII's Price In Half

Not only are used copies of Final Fantasy XIII not worth very much money, new copies of the game are cheap, cheap, cheap. Great news if you haven't bought the game.

The PS3 game went on sale on December 17 for ¥9240 ($116). Shops have been buying back the game for ¥1500 ($19).

Retailer Sofmap in Tokyo's Akihabara has stacks and stacks of Final Fantasy XIII. Yours for ¥3980 ($50), but this is a limited time sale promotion. To point to this as a sign that FFXIII was some sort of failure in Japan is a mistake. It's not that at all.

However, it does show that retailers might have ordered too many copies of the game and are trying to unload copies. Bad for them, but good thing for consumers! If you haven't already, go pick up your copy at 59 per cent off. Do it.

秋葉原ゲームソフトワゴンセールで『FF13』が3980円山積み状態! [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Just shop around - lots of places have been slashing the price. Not something they would need to do if it was still selling strongly.

    One of those games where day one sales are high, then sales fall off a cliff once word of mouth gets out.

    word of mouth? It's a bad game? :(

    I don't know what Seb means. The game has garnered nothing but positive reviews. Yes the game has a couple of flaws like pacing issues at the start of the game and some cringe-worthy dialog, but the game is one of the most solid RPG experiences you will ever have. It is 100% worth your time and money.

    Now if only we'd have a price slash like that in Australia.....I think the world would end if it did.

    A price slash like that'll happen the same day EB stop charging RRP on all games, no matter how old.

      Its called RRP for a reason, its the recommended price for the game. The only way we will see proper price drops is if the RRP itself actually drops...
      Its idiocy to blame a retailer for selling at the price thats recommended for everyone.

    Does the Japanese version have an English language option?

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