Return To Ostagar Returns To 360, PC

Is BioWare actually letting Charlie Brown kick the DLC football? Looks like Return to Ostagar, the DLC pack for Dragon Age: Origins, came back sometime yesterday to Xbox Live Marketplace and for PC download.

The DLC originally went live on Jan. 14 but had to be removed because a title update created a bug within it. That followed earlier bug-related delays in development.

The pack is 400 Microsoft Points or $US4.99. As of publication, it is still not on the PlayStation Network and is classified as "coming soon" on the BioWare page.

Return to Ostagar [Bioware via Blue's News]


    How much is this in Australia?, $12 i'm guessing

      Why would it be $12?

      400 Microsoft Points = $AU6.60

        Wardens keep was $12, and i have no idea what MS points translate into, is this actually in Australia yet?

          It certainly is. The easy conversion rate to remember is 100 points = $AU1.65.

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