Review Round-Up: More MAG, Tower Defence, But No More Heroes

Some reviews we ran this week made people angry. Well, honestly, some of the reviews made us angry too.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review: Repetitious Rebel

In which, I guess I zigged when other people zagged.

MAG Review: World of Shadow Warcraft

In which Brian Crecente made a game pay for its poor instruction manual. It's about time!

Glory of Heracles Review: A Forgetful Adventure

In which Michael McWhertor is pleased, but not pleased enough for a new game+.

Blood Bowl Review: No Fun League

In which Owen Good spills more red ink on one page than the college professor who graded my Japanese exams.

KrissX Micro-Review: Fun With a Purpose

In which Owen sees too many stars. Enough, developers, with the stars.

Crush The Castle Micro-Review: Fun With Trebuchets

In which Crecente uses the word "trebuchet" four times, not including the headline.

Starship Defense Micro-Review: The Most HD DS Game

In which I should maybe start worrying about my reputation, because I can't stop writing nice things about Q-Games.

Trenches Micro-Review: An Interesting Take on Tower Defence

In which Crecente rejoices about fighting a different kind of German.

Special preview of next week's Review Round-Up: You're going to think we were back in November. Brace yourself.


    Thanks, I've been trying to find the MAG review. Is there somethng wrong with the search function?

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