Road Rash Reboot, Oliver Twist Game Could Have Looked Like This

Road Rash fans are likely aware that Electronic Arts has flirted with reviving the violent racer on "next-gen" platforms, a project that has reared its head in video and trademark form. But did you know that EA was also working on an Oliver Twist game?

It got at least as far as the concept art stage, according to old artwork from concept designer Ross Dearsley unearthed by the man who prefers to be called superannuation. Dearsley's concepts cover all manner of Electronic Arts project, from the unreleased Gunhead to something called Hurikan to other unnamed projects.

Let's take a peek at the unannounced, potentially aborted Road Rash.

Dearsley's notes says that he was focusing on "ease of differentiation" in his character concepts for a new Road Rash, with bikers of all shapes, sizes and visual personalities. There's not much here beyond clothing studies and loose sketches of big, bulky and portly characters, but they certainly do nail "ease of differentiation".

And, to add to the list of literary works turned video games, Dearsley's concepts out a game concept based on Oliver Twist.

Looks a bit like a kid's version of Assassin's Creed, but with one potentially interesting concept mentioned in the notes, Oliver's hunger levels affecting his pose and animation and, I assume, his vitality. Dearsley's concepts show off Fagin, multiple versions of Oliver and the Bowstreet Runners.

The artist has concept art from another project, something "Arthurian" from 2007, also for Electronic Arts, on his personal blog. He notes that one of the project's "key visual elements was to be the scale difference between 'normal' people and the gigantic armoured knights".

Seems EA is quite taken with building IP upon already existing work without those costly licensing fees. Shame that some of this stuff never saw the light of day. Another opportunity to work in "Dickensian" into a post lost.

Ross Dearsley [Blogspot via superannuation


    road rash aww yeah .... have anyone but EA make it though. waaaa

      I reckon a reboot by Criterion would have a red hot go

    I like Oliver twist, A game would have been OK I guess but to make it interesting I would have wanted to be the artful Dodger rather than the naively boring Oliver??

    Maybe a game just set in the same time where you play as a homeless kid would have been easier??

    Damn, that Oliver Twist game looks fantastic. Like if it was a proper adventure game and not some derivative sand-box filler.

    I think Dante's Inferno has inspired people to look to classic literature for game ideas.

    There was news a few days ago about a possibility of a Macbeth game and now concept art for an Oliver Twist game and an "Arthurian" game emerges.

    I must say it all sounds very interesting. I wonder if these games would actually turn out to be any good. We may find out soon enough.

    I hope they make the "Arthurian" game, but it would have to include Merlin, and none of this young Merlin bullshit. he has to be old with a long beard.

    RoadRash is an ideal IP to remake this generation. It's perfect online fodder... I mean if you want to COMBINE properties?


    Road rash would be awesome. Can we see a next gen road rash and a next gen Carmageddon.

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