Rockstar Deems This An Epic 'Stache

The results are in from Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption Movember contest, with Canadian Charles Leece growing the award-winning moustache, securing a cameo in the game. I can't help but question their judgment.

I mean, sure, this is a contest aimed at promoting the Movember movement, in which men grow facial hair during November to raise awareness of important men's health issues such as prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean you should toss the prize to some random Canadian who runs a beard trimmer over his chin. No offence to Mr. Fleece, who I am sure is a lovely man worth far more than $US10 dead, but I could grow that by the time I'm finished typing this sentence.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to enter. Any attempt to shave off my facial hair, a requirement for the contest, results in my friends and family throwing themselves in front of my shaving razor, shouting "No!" in slow-motion. Apparently I look like a mutant Cabbage Patch Kid when clean-shaven.

I hereby deem this contest biased against men who cannot shave off their existing facial hair for fear of serious social repercussions.

Still, congratulations to Mr Fleece. I do appreciate him stepping up to the shaving mirror to represent men's health issues, even if he's a facial hair lightweight.


    Wow, my mo's are a lot more impressive than that feeble attempt.

    that's a cappucino stain compared to what I was movembering

      Possibly one of the most awesome sentences I've ever read.

    Think he's missing the mutton-chops.

    That said, it's quite a stylish one even if I do say that as it reflects what mine was not so long ago. I can also understand poor Mike's predicament with the facial hair. I can never shave on threat of divorce. I may not even be married yet, but apparently the notion is so offensive to my fiance that she would marry me anyway solely so she could leave me in such a state of destitution as I won't be able to afford to shave ever again.

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