Ron Jeremy: Sex, Not Violence, Is Beautiful And Natural

At the CES show in Las Vegas in January, I was debating Craig Gross, a pastor at the XXX Church, about the merits of porn.

One point I made was that violent video games are much worse for kids than porn. And then here at Kotaku you guys put up a similar article about the "adult" video game BoneTown where I play a starring role as an avatar who gets laid a lot, but doesn't kill anyone at all. Why do things like this make people so aggravated?

Sex is a natural, beautiful thing and a huge part of life. Medical and psychological experts agree that the act of intercourse and the associated hormones released actually improve happiness and well-being, but American culture shies away from celebrating or even mentioning it. Sex is treated in most of mainstream media like a dirty, evil thing.

In contrast, there is nothing natural or beautiful about violence. Unlike sex, the average person will likely not kill anyone in their lifetime, thank God. And yet the American public glorifies violence on television and in video games.

In most of the popular video games out there today, your character runs around blowing people's heads off or stabbing people to death as sprays of blood cover the screen. Would you really rather have your kids watching this than watching sex?

Many other societies around the world are much more open about sex. And many of them are so anti-violence that they ban video games in which the player can kill other human beings. And these countries, year after year, have much lower rates of violent crime than we have here in the US where minors are playing violent video games and watching violent movies (Dr Phil did an entire special on this). I am not trying to knock the the video game industry, I am just standing up for the porn industry.

As for those who say porn causes sexual deviancy, according to research there has never been a correlation or a cause and effect of viewing porn and committing sexual deviant behaviour. This is evident as far back as the Danish committee of 1978, and much later in the Williams committee of England, the Fraser committee of Canada, and the Nixon/Johnson committee right here in America, which have all shown that watching porn does not lead to deviant behaviour. Many similar studies, though, have shown that watching violence can make one's thoughts and behaviour more violent.

Two of the most popular industries in America are video games and porn. No one bats an eye at murdering an old woman in a video game, but covering up nipple is every parents group's crusade. Even a game like BoneTown, that is a combination of video games and sex, gets treated like it is a porno movie rather than a video game just because it shows some consensual sex between avatars. They have no blood and no killing, but the game can't even be played on consoles because of its sexual content.

My avatar in the game, as I mentioned earlier, does all manner of… well, you'll just have to play the game for that. But my avatar doesn't kill anyone in the game. Just like in real life, the BoneTown Ron Jeremy is a lover, not a fighter. And is that really so bad?

Ron Jeremy is one of the most prolific and well known adult film stars of all time, having appeared in more than 2000 adult movies. He is also one of the very few adult film stars to make the jump into mainstream entertainment, with appearances in movies such as Orgazmo, Reindeer Games, Detroit Rock City and The Boondock Saints. He has made his mark on the music industry as well, where, besides appearing in music videos for numerous artists, he released a rap single of his own which stayed on the Billboard charts for 27 weeks. Ron has been a guest star on various television shows, written a memoir entitled The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz, and has appeared in multiple video games, including the aforementioned BoneTown.



    Violence is certainly natural, there should be no debating that. For as long as we have existed there has been violence. To say that there is nothing natural about it is wishful, or ignorant, thinking.

    Sure, it may not be 'beautiful', but it is what it is.

    And yes, Ron, you ARE bashing [a majority of] the video game industry. Saying you're defending the porn industry is one thing, but you say "oh yeah, well violence in games is worse" and use some selective sources to justify your response. That isn't a good defence of your industry.

      I agree, violence is natural. Take America for example, it wouldn't exist were not for some health violence. Think of the War of Independance, it was violent and very much beneficial to America. It also started the whole freedom of speech thing, which is what the porn industry relies heavily on to keep their produce legal.

    Gotta agree with the man. Why exactly is violence deemed perfectly acceptable, but sex is a big no-no? Is it because there is so much violence in the religious media (i.e. the bible), but so little sex?

      There's plenty of poon talk in the bible but it's all framed negatively.

        Its all framed negatively? Are you serious dude! Why don't you do some reading/research of Song of Songs and then come back to us. You have no idea what your talking about.

          Song of songs in the bible? Move the goalposts again.

    "And then here at Kotaku you guys put up a similar article about the “adult” video game BoneTown where I play a starring role as an avatar who gets laid a lot, but doesn’t kill anyone at all."

    Umm what about a little game called celebrity Deathmatch where Ron Jeremy is a playable character. A game where players can literally tear their opponents apart, disembowel and decapitate them.

    I agree in part with what has says about we live in a society where sex is hidden from the public but violence of any sort is applauded but he is attacking the gaming industry and not just defending the porn industry.

    Without violence we wouldnt be able to eat (hunting), and without sex we wouldnt be able to repopulate

    Everything has to be in perspective though. There is no need for the violent act of killing someone, as there is no need to watch people fornicate in front of you while you are walking down the street.

    Unfortunately violence has a place in our society. It's progressed the human race from cavemen to the technological marvels we are today, helped along the way by a bit of sex to keep people happy.

    Anyway, my 2c

    There is literally nothing beautiful or natural about the way this man has sex. Porn is disgusting not because sex is, but because how it is broken down to component parts, medically messed with, made plastic and then turned into a race toward who can be the most extreme.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not against porn or sex in any way. I like them both. But for someone like Ron Jeremy, a guy who is part of the completely unnatural and ugly US porn industry is a horrible, creepy joke.

      dammit typo.

      what I meant to say was: But for someone like Ron Jeremy, a guy who is part of the completely unnatural and ugly US porn industry to advocate that his proffession is beautiful and natural is a horrible, creepy joke.

        Good points there

        Also lets not forget Ron Jeremy is the guy the can time his 'cumshot' and usually has the ladies counting down from 10 before he unloads onto their face...

          And what's wrong with that, exactly?

          Counting is bad? Sex is bad? Anticipating someone's beautiful naturally produced semen, and showing them how much you love them by letting them cover your face in it, is bad? (lol - couldn't keep a straight face, but still, the answers are all "no".)

          Why everyone here so afraid of sex? There is nothing bad about non-violent, safe, consentual sex. It's beautiful and natural, like life. Celebrate it! Cum on people's faces and embrace it and enjoy it. I'd much rather do that than fear the hell out of it like you guys seem to wana do.

          He's also right about violence. It's crap.

          C'mon guys, live a little :D

    Didn't this guy have a nick name like " the aardvark " or something?

    nothing from that man is beautiful

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