Rumour: 3 New Characters Announced For Super Street Fighter IV

Supposed scans from the latest issue of Famitsu - along with some equally supposed off-screen shots - suggest that there might be three more characters on the way for Super Street Fighter IV.

Those three characters are Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley, all of which made their debut in Street Fighter III, and all of whose inclusion will no doubt please the more hardcore Street Fighter fans among you.

You'll recall Capcom telegraphed this move, at least partially, earlier in the week when they sent Crecente a very special Valentine's Day package.


    hells yeah

    love SF3 and the various spin offs, no wonder Crecente was a bit excited

    All three characters are different styles and each are great. Now if only they also added Urien and Alex as well, then I would go crazy.


    Man I'm so happy.
    Makoto main day one.


    Still no Rolento? Bummer.

    1 more new character to go...

    Still waiting upon a brand new Street Fighter character alongside Juri for SSFIV...

    Please be Elena

      it has to be hugo...IT HAS TO BE HUGO...i will cry on poisen's manly shoulders if it isn't.

    female character plz!

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