Rumour: Next Call Of Duty Is A Cold War Game

Those rumours that Treyarch's next Call of Duty game is set in Vietnam? They might only be partially correct, if a supposed casting call for actors for the game is anything to go by.

The call, spotted by VG247, is looking for four actors to provide a mixture of voice work, facial capture and full-body motion stuff for the game. Interestingly, it also gives some background on the characters, and while some of them suggest that there'll be action in South Vietnam, others - like the female spy Kristina Ivanova, who speaks both English and Russian and "has a network of contacts behind the iron curtain" - hint at a larger scope for the game, perhaps touching on areas of the Cold War outside South East Asia.

That is, if the call is legit.

We've got in touch with Activision for comment on this, and will update if we hear back from them.

Rumour: Call of Duty casting call mentions "SOG in Vietnam," details characters [VG247]


    Vietnam is so much cooler, it will be fun to play as the vietcong and the USMC, i just hope i can feel for the story. if i remember correctly the cold war was a war with no bullets fired, and only letters and phone calls?
    so what were going to have Letters Vs phone calls?

      Hahaha letters vs phone calls.
      They'll probably just base it on the Cold War (if this is legit) and make a fictional war.. Though Vietnam would be easier as it actually happened and they just follow the history books. For Cold War, or like MW2 and MW's story, they'd have to make their own.

        perhaps other things like the Soviet invasion of Afhganistan could be covered, with the US involved in training and fighting with the Mujadhideen. Plenty of US action in Southern America too, if they didn't tie themselves to one specific conflict there would be pleanty of theatres to pick from.

    Or the Russian spy is just an NPC since the Russians were moderately involved with the Vietnam conflict. It will all be based in Vietnam from the TET offensive to the Laos/Cambodian border crossings in order to intercept Ho Chi Minh's trail.

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