Rumour: Prototype Developer Radical Cut In Half

Radical Entertainment, developers of Prototype and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, has been hit with substantial layoffs today, according to development sources close to the Vancouver-based studio. Approximately 90-plus employees have been let go, sources say.

That's about half the studio's headcount, apparently, affecting two of the three development teams at the Activision Blizzard owned developer. Radical's most recent game, the open world action game Prototype for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, was met with a positive critical response and solid initial sales.

Activision had previously "realigned" the studio after its merger with Vivendi Games.

One source said that Radical was affected by Disney's recent purchase of Marvel, leading to the loss of an unnamed project.

The publisher did not list a Prototype sequel on its 2010 slate when Activision announced annual earnings of $US4.28 billion, leading to the "most profitable year in our company's history and record operating margin," according to CEO Bobby Kotick.

We've reached out to Activision reps for comment, but have not yet hard back. We'll update if we do.


    Crap, here's hoping it doesn't impact Prototype 2 development.

      How in the world could it not impact the development of a Prototype 2?

    Probably wont be a Prototype 2...

    I mean, its the kind of game Acti likes these days...Cookie Cutter generic bullshit that doesnt require any massive amounts of coding, that can be pushed out every year like clockwork and be lapped up by the unwashed masses.

    I mean, Prototype 2 would actually require a decent amount of development time and proper original gameplay that would take a couple years....not really good for the Activision Exploitation strategy.

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