"Saddened" Bungie Plans Halo 2 Send-off On Xbox Live

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it was pulling the plug on Xbox Live support for original Xbox games. That obviously includes Bungie's Halo 2, consistently the top original Xbox title represented on Live. Bungie responds to the change.

"We're all saddened at the realisation that an era is coming to an end but looking back," the developer writes on its official website, "we're incredibly fortunate to have had such a great run and such strong support from our fans."

Bungie also notes that it intends to send off Halo 2 with a bang. Or "one last hoorah", in their words. Halo 2 holdouts should book April 14 as a day to play, as Bungie promises "One final farewell and one final opportunity for all of you to kick our asses at Halo 2."

Halo 2, Xbox LIVE and You [Bungie.net]


    Could this mean that the max number of Xbox Live friends can now be raised from 100?

    It's like the end of geocities all over again.

    sadface :(

    I guess it's understandable if supporting the old XBox is holding back the development of XBox Live.

    It's unfortunate for those who only have the old XBox (are there any people like that left?). But I guess the 360 is so damn cheap these days if they go for the nobbled version that it'll probably finally force the last few holdouts to upgrade.

    Its in the works from what iv read fpr,ulated...

    I think i may dust off my old Halo 2 disc and give it a spin for the last time :)

    Yes, one of the things that will more than likely change is the amount of friends we can have.

    Honestly. screw halo 2. I bought Steel Battalion for the online around christmas. Thats importing it after buying an original xbox and going through the pain of soft-modding it.

    *angry face*

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