Scenes From Samurai Shodown Sen

So Samurai Shodown Sen is coming to the North American Xbox 360 within months, courtesy of XSEED. What's that going to look like?

Pretty lifeless, if you ask me. It's a problem that crops up whenever classic 2D characters are rendered in 3D, though some companies have done a much better job of it recently. I'm sure the gameplay will be nice and smooth, but some of the character is definitely lost here.


    What we need is a Bushido Blade remake and not this crap with flame effects and sword swipe effects. To those who haven't played the old Bushido Blade - It's basically a samurai game where there's no health bars, no real HUD at all. You got a real suprise when you first played it and you take a swipe at your enemy .....and they died. One hit. WTF? initially you think it's crap but you then discover that you can run anywhere on a very large map and use the terrain to your advantage.

    The fact that you could die from one sword swipe made the game soooo tense when you did start to biff it out. You had 2 or 3 different stances so you'd have to compensate when your enemy changed stance.

    Some fights I had lasted 2 seconds.... others were 15 minutes or more.

    That is what we need..... not just another fighting game with samurai swords FFS.

      I'm pretty sure that mention of a Bushido Blade remake is in every single Samurai Shodown news piece.

      Not sure if it's JUST you doing it, but we get the point.

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