See C&C 4 Get "Grittier & Darker"

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is taking a turn for the more serious, away from the B-list celebrity cameo driven novelty of some of its ancestors. Watch this new teaser of EA's forthcoming real-time strategy game for a taste.


    You had me worried there for a moment but it looks just as wonderfully cheesy as it always did. Perhaps more so now that they're not mugging for the camera quite so much.

      Haha yeah now they're being cheesy but trying not to be... thats..good?

      Just looks like what passes for acting on TV.

    Actually looks pretty good - less cheese can only be a good thing!

    so... they gonna have to release this quick before sc2 comes out huh...

    Damned glad they've not imported the pathetically stupid cartoony shit from red alert 3

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