Sega: Yakuza 3 Cuts Were Necessary For Western Release

A day after informing IGN that Yakuza 3 was coming to the US with content cuts, Sega offered more explanation.

On Sega's official blog, a community manager for the company said that, without the cuts, the game wouldn't have been released.

"Ultimately, the choice that had to be made was either no Yakuza 3 in the west, or a version of the game that was almost exactly the same, but with a little less trivia."

The Western edition of the PlayStation 3 story-driven action game will not include visits to hostess clubs and Japanese trivia games. These elements might be alien to American life, but as our own Japan-based Brian Ashcraft recently pointed out, these are some of the very trappings that have helped make the Yakuza series feel like an authentic virtual visit to the seedier side of real-world Tokyo.

During a demo for the game in December, Kotaku had been told, that the game was apparently being brought to the US without content cuts.

But yesterday brought news of some trims. Today, a Sega community manager posting under the name RubyEclipse, provided this explanation on Sega of America's official blog:

Ultimately, the choice that had to be made was either no Yakuza 3 in the west, or a version of the game that was almost exactly the same, but with a little less trivia. That said, our teams also understand that many of you guys love games like Yakuza because of that experience, and rest assured that we'll continue fighting on your behalf to make sure that going forward, we can provide as close to the full experience as possible – no matter how foreign.

Even so, Yakuza 3 is still a game packed to the brim with things to do, places to see, and people to fight – offering a massive amount of options for fans of the series and new players alike. In addition, the western versions of the game will come pre-packaged with codes for the DLC, already localised and ready to be enjoyed. With gameplay that you truly won't find anywhere else, we think that Yakuza 3 is genuinely one of the PS3's best titles, and we hope you'll think so too when you play it.

This explanation raises the question as to why the trivia and hostess clubs would make-or-break the release of the game in the US Was that a Sega standard? A ratings standard?

We've asked Sega for clarification and will update you with anything we hear back.

Fans of the Yakzua series in the West have criticised Sega for dubbing the original game in the series and lauded the company's apparent shift with the subtitled Yakuza 3 to a more authentic-to-Japan approach. Online, fans appear to be angry. Whether this decision affects whether the game can sell big will be seen next month when Yakuza 3 is finally released in the US.

What's up with Yakuza 3? [Official Sega Blog]


    It's fully as hell to see people sperging and cancelling pre-orders because of this. It's such an immensely useless and unnecessary part of the game but people need their glorious animu nipponuuuuu~~~

      If you could repost this comment in English, that would be great. I think I agree with you but I can't read your comment through all of the stupid.

    And not making the cuts were neccessary for my purchase.

    Damn it oh well im still getting the game cause its gonna be awesome regardless it just wont feel as a complete yakuza experience thats all

    So wanted to get this, but am now sceptical, feel cheated not getting the "FULL" experience.
    Don't understand why they would hold this back.
    Isn't it just a glorified version of the DOA: Extreme Volleyball? and that managed to pass through classification...breast physics and all.

    may get japanese version instead.

    In my honest opinion this is just more Sega nationalism. They always want to give Japan superior content, this is a load of bullshit covered by lie.

    At least it's not as bad as Phantasy Star Universe where western servers would get items up to a year later if at all. The only reason was favoritism. Sega sucks these days.

      We get a free soundtrack that would have cost those Japs $30 and an exclusive character profile tree. Take some and lose some I guess.

    They're just tweaking it for this market. We're all big nosed blonde eye blue haired whiteys who love beer and football and nascar, am i rite?

    that explanation from sega sucks. that doesn't tell me why the hostess club would stop Y3 from being released in western markets.

    Seriously, unless there's SEX SCENES that might include underage/small breasted women, I really don't understand why cuts are being made.


      If the game contained sex scenes like god of war or something, I would not accept it being cut due to a woman having small breasts. What a ridiculous comment.

    This is just lame in and of itself. I dont really NEED virtual hookers, but the fact they need to censor it for our naive little eyes is what really sucks here.

    Yahuh, like I havent been to /b/ before..

    i want it but its no longer a day 1 purchase, ill wait to see if its included as free dlc on ps3 first

    Does the japanese version of yakuza 3 has subtitles?

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