Shockwave Cares Not For Your War On Cybertron Pre-order

Shockwave is confounded by your impulsive, irrational excitement at his appearance as a pre-order bonus multiplayer character for Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Shockwave is a cold, calculating machine that only cares for usurping Megatron as leader of the Decepticons, not because he holds any hatred for him, but because it is logical that he do so. That's probably why he's a multiplayer exclusive, relegated to the game's Escalation Mode, instead of being on the front lines, where he might be too much of a loose cannon.

Get it? Loose cannon?

Players who pre-order War for Cybertron at GameStop will receive a code when they pick up the game to unlock Shockwave in multiplayer. Players who are good friends with folks at GameStop won't have to pre-order.

I'm really enjoying the new-old look the developers are giving the Transformers in this game. It's more realistic and a bit more alien, without making them all look like giant insects. You look at this guy here, and you immediately know who he is supposed to be.

I just hope the game is as good as the character designs.


    Does this mean it'll be another EB exclusive here in OZ? These store exclusives are really getting old.

    His gun is on the WRONG HAND!

      The image has probably been flipped to protect the innocent.

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