Should BioShock 3 Revisit Rapture?

Now that BioShock 2 is out, a sequel that didn't initially didn't seem "necessary" but, upon release, sure played like it, what's next for the franchise? Can BioShock 3 return once again to the underwater city of Rapture?

That's the question we posed to BioShock 2 creative director Jordan Thomas, wondering when and where the inevitable follow-up will take us. Not surprisingly, Thomas wasn't flooding us with details about the sequel to the game he just helped ship.

"Unfortunately, I can't talk about anything past BioShock 2 right now," Thomas said in response to a caller question about a possible third game in the BioShock franchise. "If I were to talk about future plans for 2K Marin or BioShock, it would be big, fat, stupid speculation. Basically, there's just nothing new to offer yet."

We pressed the issue with Thomas, touching specifically on the heated debate between gamers that surrounded the second game. Was returning to Rapture too familiar? Would it possibly hold up a third time?

"I guess my feeling is that, given people's response, given that the novelty seems to have driven so much of people's interest in the original game, that returning to Rapture's future might be risky," Thomas said. "On the raw originality scale that bears some risk."

We'll leave the question, the speculation and the proliferation of clever ideas up to you. If BioShock 3 can't go to Rapture, then where could it go?


    I think Rapture is still a viable location, but you would need to do some major overhauling to keep it interesting. Setting it from 2000 onwards would give us a look at the city 40+ years later. Splicers would be horrendously mutated, you could see the children of said splicers and what having parents that use ADAM would do to them, the continued degradation of the city itself and I can't even imagine what a Little/Big sister would look like after that much time. Also given the events of Bioshock 2 (spoiler) and how the main character is brought back to life in the begining it would be easy to bring someone like Atlas or Ryan back into the story.

      Delta was brought back because his memory was preserved in Eleanor by their "special bond" from being a big daddy and a little sister. Doubt Atlas or Ryan could be brought back.. I wanna play as Eleanor/Delta in the 3rd game :)

        Playing as Eleanor would be fun, but I think playing as Ryan would be more interesting. (Spoiler) In the first game, you play as Ryan's son, Jack, and this is the reason you are able to bypass the genetic locks on the bathyspheres and use the vita-chambers. Even though in official game cannon, the vita-chamber in Ryan's office is turned off, he would still be able to respawn at the vita-chamber he passed last (not counting the one in his office). This would make it impossible for him to die, and one of the reasons he wasn't worried he was dying (though not the main reason). If you could play as Andrew Ryan in the prime of rapture, or just before New Years, then go through Jack killing you, and finally being revived, the story is wide open from there. I know Bioshock 3 (aka Bioshock Infinite) takes place in Columbia, Bioshock 4 could easily bring back Rapture in either a current setting (like Nick Stone said) or in the example I made above.

    It could easily return.

    And to be honest it needs to - Too many loose ends not tied up - I think that Yhatzee is going to rip the crap out of it to be honest.

    They just need to forget this damn franchise and focus back on their better IP's like Systemshock.

    nah i didnt think the enviroments were as good as the originals i dont see them pulling them off a third time

    and besides where are the little sisters going to be coming from now i mean weve resuced them all twice now unless theres an army of big sisters running around still kidnapping them but surely that would allow it to move onto the shores by now

    Bioshock without Rapture isnt really Bioshock. I think Bioshock wont survive another 3 games. I think Bioshock 3 should be the last game in the franchise and should be a sandbox type game (like Fallout 3) and make all of Rapture open for exploration and end the franchise with a bang.

      From a publisher's perspective this isn't that great an idea, but I think they should do something similkar to fallout 3.
      Wait 5-10 years and make a huge splash with new technology/hardware available.

    i liked the concept of rapture in the first game, but the second one bored me a little. It was too much in ruin, and really felt like i was in a generic sci-fi ruined science laboratory. I think the whole 'under the sea' concept is done. Time for something new. Maybe a new franchise.

    I've always been of the opinion that the 2nd (in thise case the, now the 3rd) game should have been a prequel and based when rapture was still intact. The game would focus on the events which lead to the first game and set the scene for the downfall of Rapture. You'd be an assistant of Andrew Ryan who is investigating 1950's detective style into the many corrupt (and extremely unethical) events which are going to cause Raptures demise... the thought of that as a game just feels so right.

      Absolutely. I'd love to see a Bioshock RPG, something akin Mass Effect perhaps, with loads of dialogue and exploration. Turning the game into a very heavily action oriented first person shooter always seemed like a real waste of the setting to me.

      Totally agree. A prequel set in a fully populated and well-lit Rapture, leading up to the events of New Year's Eve 1958 I reckon is the only way to keep the franchise interesting.

      Bioshock2 was a crushing disappointment. Bereft of almost anything new or interesting it felt like little more than an expansion pack. I'm bemused at how well it scored in reviews.

      A 3rd game would need to be VERY special.

    While i think the idea of a detective story would suit the art deco style of Rapture well, I'm not sure pre-ruin Rapture would be as interesting a setting as destroyed Rapture.
    I think that Bioshock 3 should be a sequel, but also the final chapter of Rapture in which you're Andrew Ryan's ex-partner, one of the founders of Rapture, who left after the little sisters started being harvested.
    You return to Rapture unspliced with the intention of rebuilding.
    Instead of the moral choice of saving or sacrificing little sisters, you have to choose whether or not to betray your morals and splice to survive, or to walk the path and "remove the corruption of Adam forever".

    Bioshock, I love it, love rapture but it is the xbox killer!!! Number one made my xbox give my xbox the red rings of death, got it fixed and over the weekend number two gave me my second set of red rings!! I don't know if it pushes the xbox too far or what. Number 1 had so many moment,s the crazy surgen steinmann, the artist sander cohen, the second one was just like walking around the map before you fight fontaine, just splicers and not much else. I bought the second out of love for the first but aside it from crashing my xbox and I was one off finishing it the second one felt like an expantion not a sequel.

    Rebuild Rapture in the skies or on an unknown island similar to Lost.

    Bioshock was a spiritual sequel to System Shock 2, why not do that again? Rapture is awesome but the first game sort of tied everything up. I'd love to see the 'Shock' games turn into a Final Fantasy 'new world every time' series.

    After seeing the ending to Bioshock 2, I started thinking and came up with a killer storyline.


    The story continues in Bioshock 3 awaiting rescue from the Rapture escape pod sending out an SOS signal.

    You are 'rescued' during a strong storm by a team in a black AW101 transport helicopter.

    Upon you, Elenor and Sofia lamb are taken aboard and are in flight.

    Suddenly 2 minutes into transport the three of you are tranquilized.

    You wake up in a holding cell, strapped to a vertical bed while you are confronted by officials who interrogate you about Rapture. You have no idea where Sofia and Elenor are.

    Failing to comply you are eventually shot.


    You wake u in a laboratory bed (25 years later?) with deception tools lying on the table next to you, you work your way outside reacquiring your big daddy suit on the way, everything is in ruins.

    It is now up to the player to work out what happened over the past (25) years.

    My idea was that the faction that captured you were the KGB or Spetznaz (someone Russian) who were looking for Rapture's Genetic and Weaponry technologies. Over the 25 years they had found Rapture and its technologies and had mastered creating plasmids and EVE etc. They then introduced these to the surface and people of Russia but it got out of hand (a bit like in Rapture) with addiction and riots. Your mission is to find Elanor and get out of Russia into the safe zone.

    Like my idea? Let me know!

    well, I already beat the game, but I highly doubt that there will be a third game since rapture is now flooded and crashed to the very bottom of the ocean.

      Yeah I definetely agree with you Sayes, great idea, but instead of big delta, you get to be elanor in a big sis suit

    I'm afraid rapture did not sink- only Persephone and some other place I can't remember.

    I think that number 1. You can't go back to rapture because it is at the bottom of the sea.LOL. And 2. that it should be a "prequel 2 sequal", meaning that you should play as elanor with lamb, then become a little sister, then you get to ride around with Subject Delta. After that you should experience her view of Bioshock 2 and then become a Big Sister followed by a brand new storyline out side of rapture

    Ooops P.s. forgot to say that you should have no medikits, but insted use adam to heal and money to get plasmids (following by Sayes idea). And yeah, thats my P.S.

    i think bioshock 3 should have another rapture and make the city way bigger then the old rapture

    with diffrent weopon and plasmid make splicer scaryer most of the splicer get mutated by adam. and i think they should make 15 diffrent types of big daddys and all the litte sister diffrent and have diffrent personality. i mostly think this time they should make a second rapture that nobody know about

    i would buy a third game..maybe if you based it before rapture fell..

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