Silhouette Of New Pokemon Series


    man that was quick though, i wouldnt expect it to hit over to the wetern states till next year, still need to play platinum and gold/silver till then

    There's a Pokemon Morning Variety Show?!!!

    I can't wait for the entirely new game. I'm still waiting for a 3D action/rpg Wii version though.


    Have to say that silhouette already looks better than the pokemon from the previous 2 generations of them.

    Let's guess what the new Pokemon games will be called! I'm going with Pokemon Turquoise version and Carnelian version. The third version will be Pokemon Opal.

    Nintendo really need to take advantage of the franchise, and make a Pokemon MMO. Imagine the money they'd make? Hell if its that good, I'd quit WoW just to play it.

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