Snuggle Up To New Screens Of The Last Guardian

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has launched the official web site for Team ICO's forthcoming PlayStation 3 adventure The Last Guardian, giving us a fresh but familiar look at The Last Guardian.

Much of what you'll see in the new official Japanese site for the game appears to be lifted from the amazing trailers from E3 and Tokyo Game Show 2009, but in super higher resolution that will require a good deal of panning and scrolling. Yes, Team ICO has prepped more of those unusually tall images for The Last Guardian, making me wonder if the PS3 game is going to support TATE mode at launch.

Here is a small selection of some of the landscape oriented screens on offer, but you'll have to visit the official site for the rest.

The Last Guardian [SCEJ via VG247]


    Just looks like ICO with a big gryphon instead of Yorda...

    Awesome! :D

    The screens look amazing and I cannot wait for this game to come out.
    SotC is easily my favourite game of all time and ICO wasn't too bad either. I'd be lying if I said I bought my PS3 for any reason other than this game (and MGS4).

    looks fairly boring

    make it first person, add guns, explosions and space marines, kk? :P jk

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