Someone's Gonna Make That Mortal Kombat Movie, Even If They Have To Sue

A Hollywood production company has filed suit against Warner Bros, claiming the media giant has frozen it out of developing a Mortal Kombat movie after buying up the franchise in last year's sell off of Midway.

Hollywood news site The Wrap reports that Threshold Entertainment filed the suit on Tuesday in Los Angeles. It was the original development partner with Midway of the 1995 film adaptation of Mortal Kombat, and in 2006 signed a contract with Midway to develop another film. While Midway went bankrupt and Warner successfully bid on its properties, Threshold says federal bankruptcy proceedings upheld the agreements it had signed with Midway, passing them on to Warner.

Last month word surfaced that Warner was interested in doing a reboot of the 1995 movie, having already hired a screenwriter to the project. Meantime, Threshold said Warner had avoided communications with them. So last month's news was probably the final straw.

'Mortal Kombat' Thrown Into Legal Match [The Wrap]


    Heres the thing Hollywood producers... you got the first Mortal Kombat movie right, it was cheesy, yes, but it was entertaining as all hell. I'd hate for any studio to tinker with this property and come out of it with a movie worse than the first. Dead or Alive sucked major ass, Street Fighter (both movies) were absolutely horrible and Tekken only shows minor promise. Face it, the first Mortal Kombat movie couldn't be made better (visual effects aren't everything).. the mood was good, the music was excellent (todays music just WOULD NOT fit), the effects are rather timeless (other than a few fully digital effects). It was a winner. It made me leave the cinema going "man im absolutely pumped to see Kung Lao kick Emperor Shao Kahn's ass!"

      Except neither Kung Lao nor Emperor Shao Kahn (unless you count the scene right at the end) are in the first Mortal Kombat movie :)


        Which is why he wanted to see it happen... ie. in the sequel.

        Which was bad.

        If the MK reboot has Christopher Lambert as a stoned Raiden again I'm in. No questions asked.


          And dont forget wise-crackin' Linden Ashby as Johnny Cage, and beautiful Bridgette Wilson as Sonya - too bad Trevor Goddard is dead.

          Oh and Robin Shou for Liu Kang FTW

          Sigh - I miss the first Mortal Kombat. My DVD is a region 1 and I have no more Region 1 players. However Movie Greats shows this move A LOT - and at 8.30pm too!!

      Dude, the original Street Fighter movie was hilarious! Hilariously bad, yes, but hilarious nonetheless. It certainly wasn't a good movie, but I find that part of it's charm. To each their own of course, but I quite enjoyed the original Street Fighter movie as a 'so bad it's good' film.

    RE: DanDans... they actually sell a region 4 verion (here in AUS) of the original Mortal Kombat bundled with the second Mortal Kombat (which I agree was horrible). I bought it not that long ago at Big W.

      Thanks for heads up - it would seem its some low quality Village Roadshow release VS the low quality Warner Brothers flipper disc R1 I have...


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