Sony Cools "Arc" Name Motion Controller Talk

In an investor's call, THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell referred to the still unofficially named, PlayStation Eye-powered controller, as the "Arc". Not so fast, says Sony.

According to Sony, "We haven't announced the name of the our upcoming Motion Controller. Arc was a rumoured code name for the product."

The rumoured Arc name backs up unconfirmed reports that Sony was going with the Arc name, but is still not confirmation of the PS3 controller, recently delayed to this fall.


    I reckon companies (like Sony) do this deliberately.
    Leak the potential name for the new controller and gauge consumer reaction.
    If people like it they then 'officially' announce it.
    If people hate it they say "Oh, no, that was only a rumour. Its only a code name. Blah blah blah. . ."

      No one really has a problem with Natal, yet MS still say its the codename of the project.

      Even though people pronounce two ways...

      If only Apple had done that with the iPad.

      Oh wait, they did. And they went with the name that everyone hated. >_>

        Preeeeeeeeeetty sure you are confused with the iSlate.

        iPad wasn't considered a big possibility until days before its announcement. Everyone else went with iSlate or iTablet or iBook.

    It looks pretty lame. Even when the wii came out and everyone was skeptical, the actual wiimote looked pretty slick. Not the case here it seems

      Indeed. I'm pretty sure my ex-gf used to own one of these... it had multiple vibrate settings and all... ;) lol

        It's pretty clear why she is your ex-gf then. I'm guessing she called it off?

    we all know how good sony is with keeping secrets

    ps3 slim anyone?


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