Sony: Heavy Rain Selling "Incredibly Well", No Need For PS4 Yet

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton seems incredibly pleased with Heavy Rain's reception with PlayStation 3 owners, saying that the newly released game's pre-sales were "off the charts", underscoring that there's no need yet for a PlayStation 4.

Tretton tells Fast Company that the next generation of the PlayStation family won't arrive until there's a clear need for it. And with the PS3 just now hitting its stride three-plus years in, when the traditional console cycle is past the halfway mark, Tretton says, there's still plenty of life left in the console.

"When somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we're able to do on the PS3, but we are still just starting to harness it," Tretton argues. "I don't know what the percentage would be, but we've clearly just scratched the surface in the PS3. You're just starting to see games like Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, and Final Fantasy XIII, that are really taking advantage of the technology. You are going to see more and more value and more and more innovation across the board."

Jack's also pretty please with the annual "Year of the PS3" claims. Not from Sony, mind you, but from other folks. So which year is it again?

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO on Motion Controls and the Year of the PlayStation 3 [Fast Company]


    I really think the "Year of PS3" are absolute BS. Yes there are good games on PS3 (Heavy Rain actually makes me want to own a PS3 for the first time since MGS4) however there a quality titles coming out on ALL platforms this year -

    Nintendo has Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, maybe Zelda at end of year.

    Microsoft has Mass Effect 2, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake.

    PC has clearly superior versions of Bad Company 2, Crysis 2, and exclusives StarCraft 2, Command and Conquer 4.

    PS3 has Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and MAG.

    I would not call this a year for a particular platform but the year of gaming.

      Heavy Rain is the primary reason I bought a PS3 so I've technically paid $588 for this one game. Its definitely worth it though I'd admittedly feel a fair bit different if I'd not gotten several other decent games for the system

      Totally agree, we try so hard to weed out fan-boyism but the companies themselves are constantly acting that way.


    PS3 has Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian and MAG. Which I believe are expected to be released this year. Looking at the lists, it looks like the PS3 has the biggest range of exclusives. Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake are also on PC.

      Alan Wake won't come on PC. It is exclusive to Xbox 360. Mass Effect 2 sold so well, especially on Xbox 360.

    Err has LBP been upgraded since the last time I played it? Sure its a fun game and all but I'd not describe it as really taking advantage of the technology, at least not enough to justify singling it out over something like Arkham Asylum

    Oh wait, they're talking about the good quality PS3 exclusives, yeah I can see that list being pretty short then. Strange not to see infamous on there, its pretty much a stanndout of the PS3 games I've played (well until heavy rain)

      The new LBP dlc allows you to customise levels with 3 other friends in real time. So that is taking advantage of the PSN network in a sense.

    Agreed with matt30822, Do we really have to fabricate console 'winning' years to make the PS3 look like less of a train wreck? Enjoy the console on its positive merits by all means but this ‘year of‘ crap just insults people that can read between the lines of slick marketing.

    Its the PS3's year every year for me

    newly released game’s pre-sales were “off the charts”

    I hate quotes like this. 'Off the charts'? What charts? Were these charts made after MW2 was released? or say (on the PS3) GT5 Prologue, Uncharted 2, Motorstorm, or for Xbox, Halo 3, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, or PC, The Sims, WoW, Starcraft. These are all games that sold off the charts, they set records for sales. But as this game came after them they should factor into these supposed 'charts.' So does Heavy Rain match up? I highly doubt it.

    Don't want to sound like I'm knocking the game, I wish I had a PS3 and could play it, I just hate baseless PR comments that companies make.

      It means, quite literally, off the charts since there are currently no charts available to verify the claim. Sony would, however, know how many units retail had ordered, but whether that translates into actual sales remains to be seen.

        I'd say further to that, that whenever someone speaks from a company about how well a game is doing.

        Always read it as them suggesting the game is doing better than their initial expectations. I can't see Sony ever thinking and being as arrogant to think that Heavy Rain would top the records of something like GTAIV or MW2.

        They have their projected sales figures, then they get the pre-order numbers back, re-calculate the projected figures, factor in all the late pre-orders/walk-in consumers on day 1.

        Some retailers may have already looked to get further shipments from Sony. Which would be considered "off the charts".

      Sorry, but i don't think Uncharted 2 or Motorstorm really sold "off the charts" especially when you listed other games like Halo, Gears, WoW, MW2 and The Sims. I don't think they've sold over 4 million, where as each of the other games have.

      I don't think they broke any real records either.

    Well Kudos are in order, didn't think this'd sell.
    Of course, these are just preorders, not sales, it'd be good to see the lifetime sales

    I foresee it going the way of UC2, good start sales then just dropping off

    I bought a PS3 today, the Live TV bundle. Why? Because I want to play Heavy Rain, damn it.

    It's about time we've seen developers pushing the envelope. I still think a lot can be learnt from the C64 days where the most was made out of the resources given and then some.

    I really like the fact that Sony has thrown their marketing weight behind Heavy Rain in the past few months. I didn't think that such a niche game would be worthy of posters or huge website ads but there they are. Hopefully Microsoft throws their weight behind the similarily "different" Alan Wake.

    Please correct me if it's not the case (and I mean it), but:

    Seems to suggest that Heavy Rain is almost "off the charts" in the worst sense. Maybe it's only shelf sales or something?

      Don't pay any attention to that site. Wait for the real figures.

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