Sony Registers MotorStorm 3 Web Site

I'm a big fan of the MotorStorm series. So count me among those who take Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's recent (as in, Friday) registry of a MotorStorm 3 domain as good news, not just a company hedging for future plans.

The domain redirects you back to the Official PlayStation web site for the UK (the country selector if you haven't picked that region.) WHOIS records show it went active on Jan. 19.

MotorStorm's sequels have not been numbered - Pacific Rift was in 2008, Arctic Edge for the PSP and PS2 was last year - so this tells us nothing about the game. But if there's a game on the way this would roughly follow the two-year cycle for MotorStorm on the PS3.

I've emailed a Sony contact but I don't expect them to say much.

MotorStorm 3 Domain Name Registered by Sony Europe [The Gaming Liberty, thanks Shane W.]



    Goodness that would be awesome

      So it would be sort of like Dakar or Baja but (obviously) better?

      Sounds like a solid idea to me.

        There are quite a few different environments it could take place in.

        Forests, tablelands, outback and dunes.

          well you can knock off forests and deserts and ice so that leaves

          would be epic

    why are there only 3 typical environments in games. Jungle, Snow and Desert. Its the same with uncharted and it is with motorstorm, where to next? Apocolyptic citys covered in sand, snow or plants.

    See it always goes back to that formula.

      Uncharted hasn't been to a desert yet. Although $10 that the next will involve Egyptian or Incan mythology.


    MotorStorm is the most underrated series of the current generation, if you ask me. (I think mostly because everyone plays using the chase-cam view - if you don't play from the in-car view, you're missing out on a whoooooooole lot of the experience)

    In terms of new features for this one, I'm hoping for weather effects :)

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