Sony's PS3 Digital Recorder Gets Release Date

Sony's second attempt at digital recording, torne, has a release date in Japan. Sony's first go was PlayTV which is Sony Europe's HDTV tuner and recorder and which has been available in Europe since 2008.

On March 18, torne will go on sale in The Land of the Rising Sun. Previously, the release date was listed simply as "March". The torne is a terrestrial digital tuner that connects to the PS3 via USB cable. Torne offers players an easy and colourful interface that lists programs. It's possible to look up programs and search the menu by genre or keyword.

Using a timer, it's also possible to record in advance, and torne automatically records when the console is on stand-by or even while games/DVDs/Blu-rays are running. Besides recording directly to the PS3's hard drive, the torne can be used to record to an external hard drive as well.

Torne is priced at ¥9980 ($124) and bundled with the 250GB PlayStation 3 and available for ¥42,800 ($532).


    So why exactlyis Sony releasing this when they have PlayTV?

    I don't get it, what is the difference between this and PlayTV?

    Well... that sounds exactly the same as PlayTV. I don't get why they had to make another one.

    this one is for the japanese market only. japan never had a playtv.

    I believe it's because they use a different broadcast system to Australia and Europe

    The last article on this i think someone said how Japan use something different to what we use in Australia and in Europe.

    But it doesn't make sense to just create a whole new Recorder when they could just make the PlayTV in Japan support what Japan need.

    Unless its because Sony is Japan and this is for Japan that things would get messy with a PlayTV specifically for Japan but thats kinda stupid. Unless they are just re-doing it for them to make it appeal to them - i mean they're so weird they need specific things otherwise they won't touch a product.

    I'm just upset that you can download to an external source but we get stuck with our PS3 HDD even though thats good enough, for now.

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