Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date Finalised

For a game that's been delayed more times than we dare to recount, it's nice to see Ubisoft has a sense of humour about Splinter Cell: Conviction, announcing today that a new release date has been set in stone. Literally.

There's your new, final release date for the game: April 13, 2010. For a game that was first announced back in 2006, it's hard to believe we're actually on the cusp of playing the thing, but hey, that date is set in stone after all.

Ubisoft Dates Splinter Cell: Conviction (Again) [IGN]


    Retarded date format is retarded.

    I am looking forward to this - I like the sense of style it has.

      you mean international date format is international?

        International format is YYYY-MM-DD.

        Retarded US format is (MM-DD-YY) retarded.

        I find it easier to read it when the day comes first then the month.

        If by 'international' you mean 'US' then sure. Only four or five other countries use that system.
        The most common worldwide is day/month/year.
        International Standard is like that used in most Asian countries, year/month/day.


        @matt Dont confuse american date system with international date system

        day month year is more commonly used internationaly

        and year month day is the standard

          mah bad!
          i didn't want to say US system in case it was used in more than just the US, but oh well.

          my point was, it's not retarded, it's just a different system.

        I don't recall learning about a thirteenth month in school…

        dd/mm/yyyy is the most common date format. I'm unsure on what the "international date format" is - but it entirely depends on the nation - and our format, being dd/mm/yyyy, is the most common format used worldwide by other countries.


    Heh, remember that puzzle in bioshock? The Australia day one? Ended up being - 01/26/ or something.

      AHHHH YES!!! I Thought I was getting the date wrong when I put it 2601... Silly 'mericans...

    Taking bets it slips again.

    Lousy Smarch releases...

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