Star Trek Online: One Million Served

Continuing a long tradition of MMO games based on established IP, publisher Atari has revealed that Star Trek Online has got off to a great start in life.

The new massively-multiplayer game, which was only released earlier this week, has already attracted over one million registered accounts, a number that's sure to grow once word gets around Trekkie circles.

The problem, of course, will be the same one facing any other MMO that steps into World of Warcraft's turf, and that's maintaining that healthy start.

Star Trek Online Launches With 1 Million Accounts [Worlds in Motion]


    If this can sustain a healthy user-base for the next 12 months or so, i can only imagine BioWare's Star Wars MMO.

    Will most likely be better and clearly has greater graphics. Star Wars is more appealing to people who neither Trekkie or Star Wars fans. AND its made by BioWare.

    Fortunately it's not yet ANOTHER fantasy MMO. It will appeal to all the people who want a scifi MMO that isn't as ball-breakingly complex and Serious Business as EVE Online.

      Oh and I'll mention that I've been playing it since Open Beta begain, and still love it to bits, despite a few bugs that need ironing out (I believe they were taken care of in last night's patch).

      STO accomplishes exactly what I've wanted to do for nearly 20 years; fly around the galaxy in a starship and explore strange new worlds. And pet tribbles.

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