Star Wars Comes To PlayStation Home

Everyone loves Star Wars, right? And Indiana Jones? But do you love them so much you'd sign into PlayStation Home and pay money for some virtual cosplay?

Sony announced earlier today that Lucasarts will soon be going for the hip-pockets of fans of its two most treasured (and long-suffering) franchises, with a range of gear going up for sale in a Lucasarts shopfront within PlayStation Home.

T-shirts, cosplay, lightsabers, it's all there. There will also be accessories for Home's apartment spaces, like posters and...Yoda water features.


    may be worth it if home was actually interesting

    Wonder why they're using the Legacy of the Force logo for those t-shirts, rather than the far more recognised Rebel Alliance Starbird logo? Quaint.

    Also, no Vader armour?

    Be nice if the Xbox Marketplace got a bit more Star Wars Avatar loving (I don't own a PS3), but they charge ridiculous prices for meaningless items.

    I wonder if these lightsabers make noise?

    cause the ones in xbox live are no fun without it.

    What exactly is the point of Home?

    I have no desire to spend my real money on their virtual useless garbage.
    I went into home at launch and never again, all my friends and I deleted Home.

    I prefer to play actual games instead of wandering around aimlessly, waiting in lines for some crappy b grade games or waisting real money.

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