Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Always Have Taris

It's civilisation annihilated by Sith Lord Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War, the planet Taris is a symbol of hope for the Republic, and the latest planet revealed for BioWare's upcoming MMO.

You may remember Taris as the first planet you visit in Knights of the Old Republic after escaping from the Endar Spire. It wasn't a particularly nice planet, what with the gang wars and rakghoul, citizens mutated by a Sith bioweapon, but it was a home for some, until Darth Malak came along and destroyed everything.

Now it's 300 years later, and the Republic is trying to rebuild the post-apocalyptic swampland into something more habitable. The under city is still there, and the rakghouls are still there, but there is something new - hope.

Yes, that was far too cheesy, even for me. Visit the Star Wars: The Old Republic Holonet for more info, while I recover from that last sentence.


    i wish they made this game on the 360 it would be huge

      hahaha and how do you expect them to deliver such a game to a console platform?

      I have faith that they will. If they had any brains, they WILL!

    Loved taris in KOTOR.
    Trying to get past the rancor that guarded the gangs base was great. I remember spamming grenades to kill it, after which I realised I could have just poisoned it.

    Then there's the undercity village who I sent on their way to a bright future (according to them). Malaks death cannons surely showed them that future.

      Poisoned? I clearly remember putting a grenade in with the rancor 'bait'.

      If i remember the under-city dwellers were going to some old bunker or something, I always hoped that they got there and made it trough the barrage, im sure the whole city on to thing probably adsorbed some of the damage

    Taris is a cool planet. Not only was it prominent in KOTOR, Boba Fett owns some property there :P

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