Stargate Resistance Dev Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Stargate Resistance couldn't ride to the rescue soon enough to save Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, which announced yesterday over its forums that it has sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company promises full continued support for the game, which released Feb. 10.

In a statement, FireSky, the Cheyenne Mountain in-house studio behind Stargate Resistance, said the bankruptcy filing was itself controversial within the company "and may be rescinded." It notes however that Chapter 11 provides for the reorganisation of a company's debt into a manageable plan; it's not liquidation or the dissolution of a company. "Our entire staff is in-house working on upgrades and expansions for Stargate Resistance, and we continue to be motivated and excited by the response we've received from our customers."

The company's filing seems to be tied to the conduct and dismissal of Gary Whiting, Cheyenne Mountain's now former chairman and CEO. Shareholders have filed a complaint against him in Arizona court, according to a statement on the company's site. Cheyenne Mountain alleges Whiting put Cheyenne Mountain on the hook for a payment to a shell company he controls, and that Whiting's dealings with that company have also exposed Cheyenne Mountain to a lawsuit in Utah. They also say that Whiting and his company bought stock from Cheyenne Mountain and its subsidiaries but failed to honour the purchase terms or make payments.

"It is uncertain at this time what the affect of Mr. Whiting's actions and the pending litigation will have on the Company's operations and financial condition," the statement says.

Stargate Worlds & Stargate Resistance Developer Goes Bankrupt [VE3D]


    I do hope those updates come soon; There is some balancing, tweaking and certain additions required to make this game more fun/rewarding/addictive.

    Does anyone even play the Stargate Resistance game? Because it looks just awful.

    based off of the amount of times a Stargate game has been announced then died taking the developer with it, I'm starting to think there is a curse on Startgate games or something..

    Actually wishing EA would give it a shot at this point

    Its sad to say, but I don't think its a curse at all, the developers they get to work on these Star Gate games just don't seem to know what it is that makes the show so great. The SOURCE based modifications for Star Gate not only look better, but have a bigger fan base.

    Star Gate is really simple, intrigue, action and adventure wrapped in a story based loosely on earth recorded ancient historical events or mythology. Which leads me to the conclusion that if someone made a Star Gate game in the same vein as Mass Effect or Dragon Age... IT would be successful.

    They just need the right artists to pull it off, if you could get Mass Effect quality in a Star Gate game it’d sell like hotcakes.

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