Steam Down For Maintenance This Friday

Valve let us know today that Steam, its online multiplayer hub and shopfront for the PC, will be down for maintenance this Friday, February 5.

It's scheduled to come down at 1800 PST Friday, February 4 (1pm AEDT Friday, February 5), Valve estimating it should take around three hours to perform the necessary fixes. During that time most of the network will be inaccessible to users, so don't plan on using the Steam community, buying games, playing multiplayer titles or downloading stuff (like updates, etc).


    tap sprung a leak

    wow thats a big thing taking down the steam network... Sorta sucks considering so many games i play use the steam cloud :(

    4pm is good though :) ill be at work still :)

    Wonder what the changes are :D


    I'm going to be at a LAN Tournament during this.

    isn't this the day the AVP demo is supposed to come out? :(

    oh no, what a bummer.

    Is it still down? because my call of duty mw2 isnt working

    steam is up now....

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