Super Mario Galaxy 2 & Metroid: Other M Arriving Mid Year

Super Mario Galaxy 2 & Metroid: Other M Arriving Mid Year

Wrapping up the ‘announcements’ at today’s Nintendo event in Melbourne (other news here and here), Nintendo mentioned there will be announcements overnight, Australian time, on Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M. And they’re coming sooner than you think.

While more details are expected after the event in the USA overnight our time, they did let slip that both titles are going to arrive ‘mid year’ rather than the end of year window most of us would have been expecting.

Good news for those eager for some serious new action on their Wii. Or their new black Wii.


  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 in June.
    Metroid Prime: Other M in August.

    Good news to counter the bad news of NBA Jam going multi-platform.

  • I think the Wii is really going to deliver this year. You’ve got games like the two mentioned above, Red Steel 2, Xenoblade, The Last Story, No More Heroes 2… the year on Nintendo!

    Oh, and did I mention the Vitality sensor?

  • You know, I see plenty of posts panning Halo for milking a franchise, but I never see anyone panning Nintendo.

    Not to cast aspersions on the games as I personally like them, but there has been a steady stream of Zelda, Metroid and SMB (plus spinoffs), for 25 years. Nintendo’s business is milking franchises.

    What’s the difference?

    • I think the difference is that they make big changes often enough to keep them fresh. Halo is a FPS and most of the Halo games are just versions of the same core game. besides Halo wars.

      If you look at the Mario games they have all sort of things. Racing, fighting, puzzle. The Core games tho also change quite significantly. from Mario 1 2 and 3 they are all very different styles, then you have 3D versions and then in space. Each one is different enough to be its own game. So I think they are milking their Brands rather than remaking the same game only a bit better as is the case with Halo.

      But Mario galaxy 2 sounds like it is just more of the same, which is just milking a game. Have to just wait and see.

      • But there are only five Halo FPS, three of which are chapters in a linear story, one yet to be released. Halo Wars is as different as mario kart is.

        I count 16 Zelda titles. Aside from ZeldaII, they have very similar gameplay albeit evolved, even across the 3d transition. 12 Metroid titles, including pinball. And 14 SMB titles with similar gameplay as per Zelda. This is discounting the uncounted spinoffs.

        I think this is just a case of haters’ gonna hate.

    • For any real entries into the games you have to wait 3yrs+ and each one is always a unique and innovative addition to the previous game.

      All I see in Halo is same same same oh dual-wield same same.

    • The type of people that pan Bungie jump from leading FPS to leading FPS. Many, fans aside, base their loyalty to Halo off of Bungie’s performance in comparison to other leading FPS games. Nintendo tend not to be compared to their competitors as much in their respective fields. Most platformers are compared to SMB, most RPGs to Zelda, but rarely the other way.

    • For the ones that aren’t Mario, they don’t get released often enough to constitute milking (dammit, where’s my next home console Zelda already).

      As for Mario, he’s a mascot character and expected to be everywhere that has anything to do with Nintendo. Nintendo not milking Mario would be like Disney without it’s mouse, or Sega not making bad Sonic games.

      Unfortunately despite Microsoft’s best efforts Master Chief isn’t squishy enough to be a mascot. And even then some of the more recent games have gone off on a different tangent and don’t even feature him (which is about the point I think the cries of milking started).

    • I reckon it’s all in the eye of the beholder… also, each Mario/Zelda/ whatever is a seperate game, well, kind of, there’s like, the superstar saga are continuous… but most are their own story… no wait, spirit tracks is a continuation of whatever the other DS one is isn’t it? As such people can look at the same game, same story, different levels, and see it as unique, compared to Halo’s… uhhh… same game, fairly similar-but-different-enough-in-that-it’s-all-part-of-one-bigger-story story, but with what are, essentially the same levels, so they see it as milking the franchise… Although, every water temple is the same- a bitch.

  • Best news I’ve heard in a long time from Nintendo (the last being the announcement of such titles). I can’t believe the Australian Summit had this semi-exclusive, it’s a shame they couldn’t have announced the actual release dates…

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