Survey: Game Devs Walking Away From Wii, Warming Up To iPhone

Game developers are focusing less on the Wii and more on the iPhone, according to a new survey of more than 800 video game professionals, with development on Apple's platform nearly doubling over the year prior.

That survey of developers from North America "and beyond" was performed by Game Developer Research and consists of video game professionals who "read Gamasutra, subscribe to Game Developer magazine, or attend Game Developers Conference." That research shows that 25 per cent of developers surveyed were supporting mobile devices, with three quarters of that group targeting the iPhone.

That's more than twice similar support for the Nintendo DS and PSP.

The survey showed a significant drop in support for the Wii, with 30 per cent of console developers indicating they were working on games for Nintendo's hit platform, down from 42 per cent the previous year.

With the release of Apple's iPad later this year and a dip in Wii purchases for the year, it wouldn't be unrealistic to expect some of those trends to continue. If you'd like to make your own educated assumptions, you can purchase Game Developer Research's 100-page "State of the Game Development Industry" report. It's just $US2,495.00.



    The iFamily of products is great and all and people should be developing games for them, but they're not going to drop the Wii as a platform.

    At least not the developers that count.

    So, people see the Wii makes money. 3rd party developers flock to it. Wii becomes synonymous with shovelware. Iphone makes money. 3rd party developers flock to it. Appstore becomes filled with crap. [new product] is released & makes money...

      I think the bigger problem is that even the good games on the wii are bombing. Name a third party game that has been sucessfull enough compared to the amount of Wii's out there.

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